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Google Mobile App now available on Windows Mobile

image Google Mobile App gives you faster searching on your Windows Mobile device, with easy access to your favourite Google applications from the Today screen. There’s no need to wait for a browser to open to begin a search, and with search history available to reduce typing, you can get your search results with fewer clicks than before. For an even speedier experience, Pocket PC users can add the Google Mobile App to the start menu (Settings: Menus) or configure a hardware key (Settings: Buttons) to provide easy access from within any application on your phone. See it in action in the video after the break.

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Toshiba TG01 video demo from MWC 09

image We have seen mixed impressions of the recently announced Toshiba TG01 Windows Mobile 6.1 phone, well the good news is the guys from IntoMobile managed to pin down Toshiba at MWC and got them to demo the phone on video. Their impressions, “The Toshiba UI overlay shines as a finger-friendly alternative to the TG01’s Windows Mobile 6.1 underpinnings. The UI gets the job done well. It’s no TouchFLO 3D, but Toshiba clearly spent a good amount of time developing the Toshiba UI. As a multimedia platform, the Toshiba TG01’s Snapdragon chipset outperforms just about every other smartphone on market. From smooth-as-butter high-res video playback to 3D gaming, the TG01 delivers, and then some. The integrated GPS navigation software ensures that you’ll never be left struggling to find your way around town." Take a look for yourself, the video is after the break along with the confirmed specifications.

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Palm Pre video demo from MWC 09

image Well the guys from Pre Community certainly know how to put a video together that we all want to watch. Get the kettle on and sit back and enjoy the most anticipated device of 2009 for a full 26 minutes. The video is one of the most complete demonstrations of the Pre that we’ve seen to date, showing app to app transitions without the covert tinkering Palm execs had to do with their pre-production devices at CES last month.  In it, you can see the calendar, contacts, Synergy linking of information from Microsoft Exchange, GMail and various social networks, browser and more. Video after the break, for the best experience click watch in High Quality, thank you Pre Community!

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GSmart announce new handsets at MWC

More fantastic news for Windows Mobile (or Windows Phone?) fans as today GSmart have also announced new handsets being added to their range. It also looks like the GSmart devices will be among the first to have Windows Mobile 6.5.

We’ll be trying to get our hands on these as soon as we can! 🙂


Mobile World Congress is the biggest annual event of mobile industry; it is also the stage for mobile suppliers to showcase their hard works of the year. Every year, GIGA-BYTE Communications (GBC) will attend the tradeshow and introduce something special to the public, such as the world’s first DVB-T PDA phone – t600, and the world’s first 3.5G DVB-T GPS PDA phone – MS808 that introduced by GBC last year. This year, GBC is also well prepared and will introduce several devices under three major categories: Multimedia, Business and Style.

MS820_ID2Multimedia – Entertainment and Quality Life

As the high quality camera PDA phone becomes the trend of the market, GBC will introduce two models under the multimedia series that fulfill the market demand, one will be the MS820 which showcased briefly last year, but has more complete view this year; there will also be another new model with higher specifications. Furthermore, continuing the specialty of GBC, multimedia PDA phone with DVB-T and/or DVB-H will still be one of the focuses at GBC booth this year.

Business – Efficiency and Security

On the other hand, GBC will introduce something very different to what they have before, which will be introduced under the Business categories, and are having more functions to ensure the business operation runs smoother and more secure.

Style – Stylish Design and Great PerformanceID_S1200_2

Finally, the device shown on GBC’s MWC invitation card – GSmart S1200 is under the category of Style. S1200 has chic and stylish design with simple round arc shape; supreme slim feature of approximately 1.1cm height. In addition, the device is wrapped by special coated texture to avoid finger prints on the handset. Despite the good design, the device is consisting quality specification. Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 OS (or update to Windows Mobile 6.5); Qaulcomm 7200A (528MHz) processor which empowers S1200 with fast and excellent performance and many useful software such as photo view, multimedia center and etc. “Windows phones let customers access the people and information they care about, wherever they are,” said Todd Peters, corporate vice president, Mobile Communications Business, Microsoft Corp. “The new

will help people work more efficiently, surf the Web, and enjoy their favorite movies and music, delivering a truly connected experience.”

Moreover, S1200 will be introduced with new user interface that developed solely by GBC – Smart Zone, which endowed S1200 with fashionable appearance, easy utilization and great performance.

Smart Zone interface: the secret weapon of GBC GSmart phone

Smart Zone user interface is the integrated version of Smart Touch user interface. This new user interface is developed under the concept of ‘Core’- that is, imagine the user is the core of the phone; the efficiency is that all programs are able to be reached within one or two easy steps. Integrating from this concept, Smart Zone is said to be the wisest and most efficient user interface on the present market.

“Since established, GBC has always commits to be ‘the World-Class Brand’, and insists that the perfect quality is the most important base of a sustainable branding.” said Dr. Stanley Jenq, the CEO of GBC. “GSmart is willing to become a code word which combines wisdom, international, vitality and elite. We provide the best products to satisfied consumers’ demands in order to handle business life more efficiency with several of mobile entertainment at anytime, everywhere. High speed network connectivity and endless creativity enable GBC to produce the best and most suitable products that offer users to connect the world without any hassle and delay.” continued by Dr. Jenq.

GBC is always committing to be an active participant in the industry to push the technology integration and fulfills the demands of the market.


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LG Arena press release

Although we mentioned the launch of LG’s new flagship handset, the LG Arena, a few days ago we didn’t managed to get our hands on the full press release. So to rectify that, and for your reading pleasure here is the full announcement:


LG Electronics, a worldwide technology and design leader in mobile communications, today announced the launch of LG ARENA(LG-KM900) at the World Mobile Congress 2009. ARENA is a fully loaded multimedia phone that offers an exhilarating audio and video experience made possible by LG’s intuitive new 3D S-Class User Interface.

ARENA, LG’s new flagship model for 2009, is packed with top-of-the-line multimedia features and a totally new 3D UI of the next generation. It is the first and currently the only multimedia phone for the global market to use Dolby Mobile from Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: DLB) to deliver an exhilarating surround sound experience for video content and enhance the sound of music content.

“What really makes ARENA special is its intuitive 3D S-Class UI, which is unlike anything that has appeared on a phone before,” said Dr. Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “We surveyed consumers and found that they were unhappy with current interfaces. They wanted a simple, fast and fun way to use multimedia and other features, but also an experience that was dynamic and interesting. We’ve done this so well with our brand new S-Class UI that it will set new standards for handsets in both functionality and fun.”

The intuitive 3D S-Class UI – S for superior – makes its debut with ARENA and will be featured in other premium LG models launching later this year.

3D S-Class User Interface


Intuitive and life-like touch-based 3D menus take the fuss out of searching through contacts and multimedia content. Reel Scrolling lays out menus as if they were on a film reel, providing icons for each choice that are so easy-to-understand no further explanation is needed. Dragging a finger across the S-Class UI’s 3D reels allows users to scroll through entertainment options.

In ARENA’s camera mode, an intuitive on-screen dial, similar to those found on many high-end standalone camera, makes it easy to customize shot settings for picture-perfect results.



ARENA’s S-Class UI was designed from the very start to leverage the advantages of touchscreens to eliminate unnecessary menus and steps. At its core is a cube layout that provides four customizable home screens that provides fast access to all features by flipping the cube with the flick of a finger. With multiple faces, the cube allows for four times more shortcuts than a single screen, making menus easier to access.


Also created with fast access in mind are ARENA’s Elastic Lists, which make it easier to browse through contacts and other catalogued information. When touched, list items stretch like a rubber band to provide more detailed information, options or easy editing. This eliminates the extra step of switching to a new screen, saving time and making it easier to browse to other choices as well.

Fast yet smooth 3D transitions between menus are made possible by the perfect pairing of LG’s S-Class UI and a powerful AMD processor.


Dynamic and Fun

Colourful graphics give ARENA a sense of dynamism and fun found in no other phone. ARENA’s dynamic graphics are especially evident in the phone’s Floating Image Gallery. When held upright, the phone displays photos neatly in rows. But turn the phone on its side and the photos cascade off the screen and reappear much larger. Sliding a finger from top to bottom, shows photos taken on different days. Dragging a finger from left-to-right shows photos taken on the same day.

Going one step further, its Tactile Analogue Alarm Clock and Radio Tuner make it almost feel like moving a clock’s hands or turning an actual dial.

Multimedia Features that Come Alive

The S-Class UI is the perfect 3D gateway to enter ARENA’s amazing multimedia environment, which includes immersive audio and razor sharp video for the perfect portable entertainment experience.

ARENA is the first multimedia phone for the global market that uses Dolby Mobile to enhance the listening enjoyment for both video and music content. The technology, developed by Dolby Laboratories, the global leader in entertainment technologies, unleashes the power of surround sound for movies and video and delivers rich, resonant sound for music. A range of equalizer presets to fit all genres and individual tastes make the experience even better. A built-in FM transmitter means ARENA can play music wirelessly through a car or home stereo. A standard 3.5 mm audio jack means ARENA can be paired with any headphones.

LG ARENA’s large 3.0-inch full touchscreen display has incredible WVGA resolution, which is four times sharper than QVGA. With the clearest LCD screen available on a mobile phone, ARENA is ideal for watching DVD quality DivX or Xvid movies on-the-go.

D1 recording capability captures DVD-resolution video that looks great even when played back on a large TV. For added fun and versatility, ARENA can record 120 frames per second slow motion video to catch every detail.

ARENA can handle hundreds of music and movie files with 40 GB of storage, including 8GB of internal memory and a micro SD slot. The powerful battery provides up to 30 hours of MP3 playtime and 300 hours of standby time.

The five megapixel camera goes far beyond what is found on most phones, with high-end features and incredible image quality comparable to that of a standalone camera. The ability to set the camera for auto or manual focus help perfectly preserve each moment.

ARENA’s audio, video and photos can easily be shared on social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube thanks to 3G HSDPA 7.2 networks and Wi-Fi. The phone also supports Google Mobile Service which includes Google search, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and Google Blogs. A-GPS and geo-tagging are also possible. ARENA’s multi-touch capabilities greatly enhance the web surfing experience.

All of these powerful features are packed in ARENA’s sleek and refined metal body, perfectly sized to grab and go at 105.9 x 55.3 x 11.95 mm. Tempered glass over the touchscreen ensures long-lasting durability to keep the phone looking sophisticated and clean. ARENA will be available in silver and black titanium colour schemes.

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Sony announce 8 new Cybershot models

In a slight break from mobile news from MWC we just got this press release from Sony announcing their new range of Cybershot cameras.  I’m particularly pleased to hear that some of the higher-end models are compatible with a GPS kit for geotagging photos! 🙂


This season’s latest additions to the Cyber-shot range of digital cameras look as good as the sensational images they produce.

If you’re passionate about colourful, high-fashion styling and smart technology, look no further than the Cyber-shot T900 and T90. With slim, sensational looks, super-size touchscreens and new 720p HD movie recording, there’s no better way to show you’re serious about great images.

The powerful, compact Cyber-shot W series gains two new range-topping models. The W290 and W270 offer HD movie recording, plus a powerful Carl Zeiss 5x optical zoom with 28mm wide angle lens to fit more into the scene.

If you need high performance in a compact, go-anywhere package, the Cyber-shot H20 teams a powerful 10x optical zoom range and HD movie recording with purposeful styling.

The easy-to-use S980 and S930 offer a great value introduction to the Cyber-shot experience. Available in a choice of silver, black and pink colour options, they’re packed with serious features like Face Detection and SteadyShot image stabilisation for clearer pictures in any situation.

Sony Cybershot T900 and T90

Ultra-slim looks, audacious styling and mouthwatering colour choices instantly mark out the T series Sony digital camera models from other digital cameras.

Just 15.1mm* slim, the T900 is available in a choice of silver, black, red and bronze colour finishes. Even slimmer at just 13.9mm*, the T90 offers silver, black, brown, pink and blue colour options.

Both T series models are beautifully easy to operate. The 3.5-inch wide Xtra Fine LCD touchscreen (T900) gives a detail-packed view of your pictures, as well as fingertip control of camera settings. There’s a new Intelligent Auto mode that makes operation simpler than ever. The camera automatically analyses the scene and sets the appropriate settings for the subject, for the best results with any scene.

The powerful BIONZ processor ensures flawless, low-noise images in any shooting situation — from holidays and fun-filled family moments to atmospheric interiors and low-light scenes.

Optical SteadyShot keeps things crisp and clear when you’re shooting handheld in low light, while enhanced Face Detection and Smile Shutter help you get more great portraits without fuss.

Left your camcorder behind? No problem. New 720p HD movie recording captures detail-packed video clips at a smooth 30 frames per second. Up to 60 mins of crisp HD video and stereo sound can be stored on a 4GB MemoryStick: that’s plenty of time to grab the highlights of a day out or short break. Hook up the T900 or T90 digital camera to any High Definition TV and enjoy the results when you’re back home. BRAVIA Sync makes it easy to control big-screen playback of movies and still photos with your BRAVIA TV’s remote.

T90_Silver_Main T900_Silver_Main

Sony Cybershot T90 (left) and Cybershot T900 (right)


Sony Cybershot W290 and W270

The compact new W290 and W270 Sony digital camera models put even more shooting power in your pocket.

Available in a choice of eye-catching colours, the W series Sony digital camera models are all about uncompromising picture quality and practical, easy to use functions.

With a generous 5x optical zoom range and 28mm wide angle, the Carl Zeiss lens broadens shooting possibilities — from detailed close-ups to panoramic landscapes and fun-filled parties.

The powerful BIONZ processor ensures pristine, low-noise 12.1 megapixel images plus responsive shooting performance. Coupled with high sensitivity (ISO3200), Optical SteadyShot reduces the effects of camera shake when you’re shooting handheld, especially at dusk or in dimly-lit interiors.

Enhanced Face Detection and Smile Shutter make it easy to capture natural, spontaneous portraits and group shots. 720p HD movie mode shoots smooth HD video clips and stereo sound to enjoy on your HD TV.

The W290 digital camera has a large 3.0-inch Clear Photo LCD Plus screen which gives a crystal clear, high-contrast view of your pictures and HD video clips, even in bright viewing conditions. Ease of use is enhanced with Intelligent Auto mode that takes care of optimising camera settings to suit any scene.

W270_Silver_Main-Open W290_Silver_Main-Open

Sony Cybershot W270 (left) and Cybershot W290 (right)


Also available, the W230 Sony digital camera offers four attractive colour options (silver, black, red & blue). High-quality 12.1 megapixel resolution is complemented by a 4x optical zoom lens, Optical SteadyShot and a large 3.0-inch Clear Photo LCD Plus screen.


Sony Cybershot W230


All new Sony Cybershot models include Picture Motion Browser 4.0. The latest version of Sony’s image management application simplifies sorting, viewing and searching through photos and video clips stored on your PC’s hard drive. There’s also a wide range of optional accessories available to help you get even more from your Sony digital camera.

There have been three new designs of soft carry cases introduced to protect the main unit against scratches and dust. The first a genuine leather case available in four colours (Black, Red, Brown & White) — LCS-CSVA. The second, a pressed leather case in a different design also in four colours (Black, Blue, Green & Pink) — LCS-CSVB and lastly a casual soft carrying case with six colour variations (Black, Green, Silver, Pink, Brown & Blue) — LCS-CSVC.

A newly developed GPS unit kit GPS-CS3KA can put geotag data to pictures taken by your Sony digital camera. These can then be viewed on maps with Google Earth software and uploaded on major web sharing services. The key benefits over the previous model are higher sensitivity, built-in memory card and SD slots and an LCD display for enhanced usage.

The S980 Sony digital camera is available from end-February 2009, the Sony Cybershot W290 and W270 are available from mid-March 2009 with the W230 digital camera available from mid-April. The Sony Cybershot T900 and T90 are available from end-March 2009, the S930 Sony digital camera is available from mid-April 2009 and the H20 digital camera available from end-April 2009.

S930_Silver_Main S980_Silver_Main H20_Right

Sony Cybershot S930 (left), Cybershot S980 (middle) and Cybershot H20 (right)


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