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Vodafone 1231 pops up over at FCC

A Vodafone exclusive Windows Mobile OS smartphone leaked yesterday over at the FCC website, sporting a full QWERTY keyboard and GPS.

The full QWERTY keyboard and the built-in GPS receiver that the Vodafone 1231 harnesses seem quite nice but there’s no Wi-Fi or 3G support in sight so we guess it won’t be a high-end device.

Vodafone 1231
Vodafone 1231

Manufactured by ZTE, the Vodafone 1231 is a tri-band GPRS/EDGE smartphone with a large 2.5-inch landscape-oriented QVGA TFT display, capable of showing up to 65K colours. The 64 MB user available memory, microSD card slot and a 1.3 MP camera are among the confirmed data.

Vodafone 1231 measures 113 x 65.4 x 14.5 mm, weighs 130 grams and draws its juice from a 1100 mAh Li-Ion battery. There is no information on the device pricing and availability, but we guess it would be a relatively affordable piece of kit.

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HTC Touch HD video from Gitex

image We told you last week that the Touch HD would be officially announced last week at Gitex well thanks to Big MO ’s ever watchful eye, he has spotted a video from the HTC stand, again no English commentary but we have the full translation, its another video that shows the beautiful screen and resolution with great effect zooming pictures. Video after the break, enjoy and thanks again Big MO

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 IN STOCK!

Yes you did read the title of the post correctly. The folks at Clove just dropped me a line to let me know that they’ve taken delivery of the X1 and you can buy now!

The Sony X1 has received a great deal of interest since its launch and we are pleased to say we now have these available for order.  So if you have been waiting for this day, head on over to HERE

If you have missed all the fuss and excitement surrounding this device, just take a look at some of the features:

  • Arc Slider QWERTY Keyboard
  • Stylish Design
  • Windows Mobile
  • 3" Wide VGA Dispaly
  • 3G/HSDPA
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth (A2DP)
  • MicroSDHC
  • GPS
  • 3.2 megapixel camera

Order your Xperia X1 now to avoid disappointment!


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Xperia X1 now in stock at Clove

image Just had an email from Clove who tell us that the Xperia X1 is now in stock. So the wait is now over and the delays complete, you can now get your hands on the X1. You can order online from Clove here. We should have one in to review very soon, so if your on the fence, watch this space, and if you need reminding the full specs are after the break.

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Vodafone play on Orange’s BlackBerry Bold woes

image Vodafone has told its third-party sales partners to use the “software issues and technical faults” it claims forced Orange to stop selling the new BlackBerry Bold to persuade consumers it has a better 3G network than its rival does. Those faults, Vodafone alleges in an confidential memo seen by Register Hardware, centre on “reliable 3G network coverage on the device”. Orange confirmed the Bold had been linked to “3G-related concerns”, which it stressed were “limited to a minority of Orange customers in the UK”.

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Rumour – O2 and T-Mobile block upgrades until January

Now then, not sure just how much of this is true but if it is then I think there will be massive backlash on this considering the G1 is due for release before January in the UK and the upcoming handsets due for release before January on o2.

Customers are offered discount incentives as operators run out of cash
O2 and T-Mobile are telling customers to wait up to three months for their upgrades in a bid to save cash.
The parent companies of both networks – Telefónica and Deutsche Telekom respectively – appear to be looking to pull cash out of the UK businesses.
Since Monday 13 October, O2 customers wishing to upgrade are being assuaged with a £15-per-month discount on their monthly bill if they hold out on upgrades until January (after the financial year).
Manufacturers have had to review their sales forecasts at O2 in light of the drive for ‘non-hardware’ contract sales between now and Christmas.
Dealers have similar frustrations, and have said that they have no option but to churn O2 customers on to other networks.
Jonathan Earle, O2’s head of consumer postpay acquisitions, said: ‘The enormous success of our simplicity tariff has shown us that some customers are happy with their existing handsets and would rather take an option that allows them to save money, particularly in these credit crunch days.’
O2 only has real appetite for three mobile products: 3G iPhone, Sim-only, and mobile broadband. The latter two incur no major up-front cost for the operator, while achieving high iPhone sales is critical for O2 to secure further exclusivity with Apple.
O2’s advertising is understood to focus largely on Sim-only deals and broadband between now and Christmas with little to no promotions for contract handsets.
Meanwhile, T-Mobile is understood to be offering customers a similar deal if they wait until January for their upgrade, but is offering a £5 discount off bills instead of £15. It is a familiar story for all connected with T-Mobile, as the operator has seen its acquisition budget drained as it approaches the final three months of the financial quarter for the last three years.

Please let us know if you have been affected by this in any way.

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Palm OS ALP 3.0 revealed

imageToday Access, the company that purchased PalmSource, officially unveiled its Linux based successor to the Garnet OS (formerly known as Palm OS). The Access Linux Platform 3.0, as it is known, supports not only native Linux applications, but also legacy Garnet OS applications as well as Java apps. ALP 3.0, as it is known, is also fully compliant with the LiMo Foundation’s specifications for mobile Linux. Screen shots after the break.

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Touch HD and Xperia coming to Orange

touch-hd-phone_thumb_1 Looks like Orange will be joining O2 and Vodafone in releasing the Xperia this month apparently. Tracy and Matt are reporting images of the Touch HD on the Orange website under the coming soon section with the LG Renoir hogging the limelight. Click the break and see the pic. Also there is a little extra info about Vodafone’s upcoming line.

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Surrender to the HTC Touch HD Pro

htc-touch-hd-pro-mockup-480x476-thumb They say a picture is worth a thousand words. After looking at the photo to the right however, I think a picture may be worth a lot more! If you hadn’t heard, HTC are about to release the Touch HD which has a huge 3.8? WVGA 800 x 480 touch screen, 5mp camera, 3.5 Audio Jack, and all of the other standard HTC Goodness we have come to love. But one thing was missing, the slide out keyboard!

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Touch HD and LG Renoir coming soon to Orange

Big thank you goes out to our reader Harv for the information and scan from the Orange catalogue below. Looks like the information we posted about the Touch HD exclusive to Orange was wrong – sorry about that guys but as you can see it is coming to Orange soon along with the LG Renoir and the Blackberry Pearl 8220.

Touch HD Phone

I saw the HTC Touch HD coming soon in the orange Business October.
Also.. it is coming to Vodafone, as the manager of Birmingham Bull Ring store wrote down for me (acting a little dumb I was…) the phones coming soon are…

  • Motorola C905
  • Sony X1
  • HTC Touch HD

So.. All points to.. it’s not Orange only…. maybe they will have one with more internal memory again.. like Omnia.. but not exclusive.
O2 also have a dummy X1 in store (bull ring middle mall.) so they are also getting the X1.

Thanks again for the info. Harv and if any of you have news to share please do get in touch!


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