By October 24, 2008

Surrender to the HTC Touch HD Pro

htc-touch-hd-pro-mockup-480x476-thumb They say a picture is worth a thousand words. After looking at the photo to the right however, I think a picture may be worth a lot more! If you hadn’t heard, HTC are about to release the Touch HD which has a huge 3.8? WVGA 800 x 480 touch screen, 5mp camera, 3.5 Audio Jack, and all of the other standard HTC Goodness we have come to love. But one thing was missing, the slide out keyboard!

Based on HTC coming out with the Diamond and then developing the Touch Pro off of that same platform, is it unreasonable to think that a “PRO” version of the Touch HD might also be in the works?

This is completely just a rumor with nothing credible to validate this at all. But when you look a the “Mockup” picture to the right , it would appear that HTC would have finally come out with the True iPhone Killer at last! This would easily be the most powerful converged device on the market. Tell me you won’t be thinking about the Touch Pro HD rumour long after you finish reading this!


Source: Mobility Today Via Tilt Mobility

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