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HTC Touch Pro hands on video and pictures

image The guys at Phonemag have managed to get their hands on the latest HTC handset the HTC Touch Pro, they have quite a few images and a great video showing off the device. They met HTC at an informal get together to take a look over the device. For those that don’t know, the HTC Touch Pro is similar to the HTC Diamond with a few changes mainly a slide out Qwerty keyboard and expandable storage. Video after the break.

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Opera 9.5 release date of first beta July 15th

opera 9.5 According to the Opera Mobile Blog, we should see the first beta release of Opera Mobile 9.5 for Windows Mobile in mid July. To quote the blog, "We have some exciting news to share today. It’s almost time to release Opera Mobile 9.5 for Windows Mobile to the world. We thank you for your patience and support as we make what we (and many others) believe is the best browser for mobile phones."

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HTC Touch Diamond now on Orange website

Looks like Orange are moving a step closer to launching the HTC Touch Diamond as today the Diamond appeared on the Orange website as one of their coming soon phones.

I’ve also had a couple of emails from Orange employees saying that the Diamond has already started shipping to Orange retail stores so a June 30th release date could well be accurate!

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Review Dashwire for Windows Mobile

Interacting with a Windows Mobile device can be tricky, especially when it comes to managing all your bits and pieces on a small screen. Dashwire provides a simple and intuitive way of viewing and editing your phones content from any computer.

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Speed up the HTC Diamond Touchflo UI

image We wanted to share a couple of tips to speed up the Touch UI interface on the HTC Touch Diamond as the out of the box experience is far from enjoyable. We have posted a Youtube video after the break with three easy tips to do from the settings page of Windows Mobile along with a great program available called Advanced Config from XDA-Developers which makes a huge difference to the speed of the Touchflo interface.

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Dashwire Mobile 2.0 Goes Live

A few days ago I got an email from the people at Dashwire, they wanted to tell me all about the new version of their software that allows you to sync and backup your phone with your free web-based Dashwire account.

To be honest I’d never heard of Dashwire before and to begin with my reaction was ‘Not another Windows Mobile backup application!’. However, having had the chance to set up an account and install the application on my HTC Touch Diamond I can safely say this service is far from ordinary.

In a nutshell, once you have set up your free account online you’ll receive a text message with a link to download the application to your mobile device. Once installed the software searches through your phone and then backs up all of you contacts, photos, video, text messages, call history, ringtones, speed dials etc. etc. You’ll then have access to all of these settings from your web browser on your PC or Mac via a nicely laid out dashboard.

Dashwire wont backup your phone registry and doesn’t make a complete clone of your device settings. I does however allow you to sync your contacts etc. in such as way as to be non-device specific. This means that if you replace your HTC TyTN II with a new HTC Touch Diamond you’ll be able to sync the old device before and then the new device after the change over and the mojority of your key settings with you. I’ve already found this quite useful as I am constantly swapping handsets!

Dashwire is definitely well worth taking a look. It’s totally free to use to why not give it a try! Find out more or set up your account on the Dashwire website.

One word of warning though – syncing photos and video over your mobile network connection is likely to be VERY expensive, especially the first time you sync. It’s probably a good idea to sync over WiFi or an activesync connection!

What is Dashwire?

Dashwire automatically mirrors the content on your phone to the web, helping you access, manage, and share your mobile experiences

How does it work?

Once you sign-up for your FREE account, you’ll be prompted to install a small application on your phone that will keep your phone constantly connected and in-sync with your private, web-based Dashwire account.

What you do on the phone will instantly update on the web, what you do on the web will update your on phone.

No cables or effort required. Easy.

What does Dashwire bring to the web?

  • Contacts
  • Text Messages (SMS)
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Call logs
  • Voicemail
  • Phone settings – Ringtones, Web Bookmarks, Speed Dials
  • You control which items sync and when it happens. Dashwire connects across wireless data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB.

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    The HTC Diamond review

    image I have received the HTC Diamond and to give it my full attention I have decided to give my iPhone to my wife for good from today. My first impressions of the Diamond are not the best so far, but since I made a few tweaks here and there it does seem much more responsive using the Touch UI. I will be doing an extensive review with a few videos including video calling so stay tuned and if anyone has any questions leave a comment and I will answer them.

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    Mobility Today Podcast #114

    image The Mobility Today weekly podcast is available. If you use this and copy the address into your aggregator. Or you can use our Itunes feed here.Now you should be all set and automatically download any of the podcasts on the fly. If you do not like to use an aggregator you can download the direct link by right clicking here. Tonight Dave, Steve, Chris and Mike talk about the new Samsung Instinct and Chris has the HTC Diamond!

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    O2 announce iPhone 3G pay and go prices

    o2 iphone 3g pay and go Pay & Go customers can now enjoy all the great features of the iPhone without a monthly contract.
    The new 3G 8GB iPhone for Pay & Go will be available for £299.99 and 16GB for £359.99. This also includes unlimited browsing and Wi-Fi for the first 6 months after you activate your iPhone*.

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    T-Mobile to guarantee customers best minutes on the market for £30

    image T-Mobile today becomes the first mobile network to guarantee that its customers can always get an unbeatable minutes allowance. New and existing customers on Solo and Combi contracts at £30 per month will be offered a unique commitment: just ask, and T-Mobile will match or beat the amount of minutes offered on a like-for-like basis by the other four operators “ meaning customers can be sure they are always getting unbeatable minutes from T-Mobile.

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