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Review Dashwire for Windows Mobile

Interacting with a Windows Mobile device can be tricky, especially when it comes to managing all your bits and pieces on a small screen. Dashwire provides a simple and intuitive way of viewing and editing your phones content from any computer.

There are a number of ways for you to utilise the functionality of your phone from your home computer, SOTI and mDesktop are two products that might spring to mind. As useful as they are they do not carry themselves from one computer to the next as you go through your daily routine.

Dashwire provides a portal for you to essentially upload the contents of your phone to their server, be it photos, videos, contacts, message and call histories, and even ringtones.

Firstly, an account with Dashwire is required. Registering is a snap. A nice touch is picking a thumbnail of your phone, or perhaps the phone you wish you had. Dashwire then sends you a message encouraging you to download the mobile client. Once this is installed on the phone you have a small, simple and to the point interface. I was particularly fond of the language used, you are not left wondering if the box you checked will update the phone from the website and delete any new chums you have added since the last sync.

Syncing can be hefty the first time around so an unlimited data plan or perhaps a Wi-Fi connection is probably your best bet. You can choose what to upload’ photographs and videos would obviously bog down your upload pace, however once done any updates are zippy and happen instantaneously. There are manual update functions for those without unlimted plans or off roaming the world.

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The layout of Dashwire’s online portion is hardly pretty, but its reduced interface helps with loading speeds in a browser. This allows the user to jump on and off quickly at an internet terminal. Having it open in the back ground with out the anguish of having to dig into your pocket to receive a text message is always a bonus for lazy people like me. I did, however, have a problem accessing from my work computer as it is running Internet Explorer 6, a problem that might be common amongst some work terminals.


There is a concise FAQ list covering a great deal of specific problems and known issues for most mobile users. I felt compelled to leave out an early problem I had syncing text messages as the answer was right there. I figured that one way to cover the costs of the development of this software, since it is free, would be to charge per text message like some other online phone web communities. Not this one, the text message is routed through your phone and therefore included in whatever plan you might have.

You can also unite with friends online and share your phone’s information. Worry not, as there is full privacy options and you can pick and choose who sees what.

Dashwire is an excellent utility that is off to an extremely strong start. It’s not without its flaw, however slight they might be. I will be using it, provided they update IE in my work, especially on the days I forget my phone.

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