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Samsung i760 appears on Samsung website

After a considerable wait, the Samsung SCH-i760 finally appears on the Samsung Website. The i760 looks like a rather atractive device with its combination of fixed front keypad and sliding QWERTY keyboard it could well be the compromise that many have been looking for!

Samsung SCH-i760

Samsung SCH-i760

Samsung SCH-i760 specification:

  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional
  • CDMA 1900 MHz (PCS), CDMA 800 MHz
  • 2.8″ 320 x 240 Touchscreen display
  • 64 MB RAM / 128 MB flash
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
  • 1.3 Megapixel camera
  • Built in 1.3MP Camera and Camcorder
  • microSD™ Memory Card Slot
  • 2.83” x 4.88” x .76”
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    No WM6 upgrade for Samsung i600 in the UK?

    If like me, you are a Samsung i600 owner, chances are you have been keeping an eye on the Samsung website for your free Windows Mobile 6 ROM upgrade.

    You’ll probably know that the ROM upgrades are being released one country/region at a time (starting with the Russian and Dutch ROMS) any futher updates have been released over the past few weeks. We’ve been eagerly awaiting the update for the UK.

    Well there could be bad news there. If you were to take a look at the Samsung i600 update page today you’ll find that some country flags have been removed! Now missing from the list are UK, Germany, Greece and Czech.

    i600 ROM download before and after

    i600 ROM download site before and after

    So does this mean no update for us?? Well I spoke to our PR contact at Samsung and have been told that these countries will “Definitely receive a Windows Mobile 6 update” and that the download site is just undergoing a few “Changes”. Fingers crossed then!

    For those of you that simply cant wait until the official ROM version there is a work around which involves changing your locale, performing the update and then changing the locale back. You find a full how-to guide here.

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    HTC release WM6 upgrades for X7500 and S620

    Great news for owners of the HTC X7500 (HTC Advantage) or the HTC S620 (HTC Excalibur) – HTC have just released official Windows Mobile 6 ROM upgrades for both of these devices.

    S620/X7500 WM6 Upgrades

    S620/X7500 WM6 Upgrades

    As with other upgrades offered by HTC you can download for free from the HTC e-Club site but, if you have not done so already, you’ll have to register for an account using the serial number of your device.

    Don’t forget to backup your important data though as the update will wipe everything from your device.

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    Samsung Q1 Ultra unboxed

    Along with the OQO Model 01 we reviewed earlier this year, we also had a look at the Samsung Q1. The Q1 was one of the first true UMPC devices to be released, it was an interesting product but was not without its problems, the main one being the input method which used on-screen dial keys which, coupled with the relatively low-resolution display, made the Q1 cumbersome to use.

    Samsung have addressed these issues and recently released the new Samsung Q1 Ultra. This has a similar look to the original Q1 but includes a QWERTY keypad and a higher resolution, 1024 x 600 display.

    As always, we are starting off with a video unbox of the machine.

    Samsung Q1 Ultra unboxed

    One point to note however is that the SIM Card socket on this UK model is innoperative. Perhaps it will be anabled with a ROM/Software update in the future?

    Samsung Q1 Ultra specification:

  • Intel®Processor Technology A110 (800MHz)
  • Windows Vista™ Home Premium
  • DDRII 400MHz (1GB)
  • 60GB Hard Drive
  • Stylus
  • 7″ WSVGA (1024×600) TFT Display
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Wifi: 802.11b/g
  • VGA/Ethernet adapter
  • Battery Capacity: 4000mAh (standard) & 8000mAh (extended)
  • 227.5mm x 23.9mm x 123.9mm
  • 690 Grams
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