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Orange SPV M3100

If you are looking for the M3100 review it’s HERE

During the MoDaCo Summer Event held at Orange offices last weekend I got a chance to get my hands on a nice new Orange M3100.

The M3100 is the latest in Orange’s SPV range of ‘signature’ devices. A number of other carriers will be providing the device (Codenamed Hermes by manufacturer HTC) but none have been as sexy as the Orange version.

SPV M3100

Orange M3100

I’ve used devices from the Smartphone and Pocket PC Mobile range since they first appeared back in 2001. This is the one device that I’m really excited about! It seems to have all the good bits of each of it’s predecessors. The design is similar to the K-Jam (HTC Wizard) devices with a keyboard design similar to that of the M5000 (HTC Universal).


Thanks to Sporkyguy for allowing the use of the excellent photos!

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