By July 23, 2010

webOS v2 landing later this year


Since HP’s acquisition of Palm, HP have said that they will continue development of the promising webOS platform and put it on consumer devices, such as phones, tablets and even printers. Jon Rubenstein, the Palm CEO who nurtured webOS’s birth, has said that webOS 2.0 is ‘on track for release later this year’ in an interview with Fortune. It is praised more or less across the board for being one of the nicest, most intuitive and modern mobilie OS’s made, and it would be a great shame to see it go. Luckily, HP have also seen it’s potential and have decided to carry on developing it. Hopefully the next major version of webOS will also bring new cutting edge hardware to match, something Palm seemed to lack, and also something that we hope HP can help out with. 

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