By December 20, 2008

Touch HD gets Mobile Internet Explorer 6

Paul from MoDaCo forums has devised a cooked ROM to enable HTC Touch HD users to have Internet Explorer 6 on their device.

IE6 on Touch HD 01 IE6 on Touch HD 02

So here’s a custom WWE (English) ROM rom for the Blackstone, created it for my own use to try out IE6 and thought y’all might like to have a play!

It’s based on the 1.19 Asian ROM.


– Added IE6 Mobile!
– Changed IE6 Mobile default search to Google
– Added official MS build of Flash Lite
– Added .net CF 3.5
– Added Remote Desktop Mobile
– Added AppToDate
– Added Batti (with main battery meter disabled)
– Added Donate
– Added ‘Blackstone Additions’ performance tuning (AppToDate compatible)
– Added Business Card Reader from Euro ROMs
– Added RSSHub from Euro ROMs
– Added MoDaCo News and MoDaCo Podcast to RSS Hub defaults
– Added Google Map from Euro ROMs
– Added TouchResponse (uninstallable)
– Removed Windows Update
– Removed Welcome Center
– Removed MS Sample Music
– Removed .net CF 2.0
– Using JBlend JVM
– Changed Opera 9.5 and skin to be uninstallable

– UC Compatible

Known issues:

None as yet. Be aware that if you are on T-Mobile, the auto config puts in a proxy that screws a number of things up. Immediately after completing the wizard, hit up settings -> connections -> connections and disable the proxy!

Update format:

– Custom RUU – ensure you have HardSPL installed from here first! You can also install by extracting the EXE with WinRAR (PC) / Betterzip (MAC), renaming ruu_signed.nbh to BLACIMG.NBH, placing it in the root of your storage card then turning on your device with the volume button held down. Handy for mac users like myself


– OS ONLY, no splash or radio

Obviously Tracy & Matt take no responsibility for issues arrising from this download however it is rather interesting so we thought it worth posting.

If you want this then here it is.

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