By September 18, 2008

The unveiling of the worlds first Google based Android handset

With Google showing off an HTC Dream like handset at the recent Google Developer Day in London it now looks set to be officially released.


Google Developer Day

OK so it not such a secret now as it was a few months ago but it does look like the official release and press day will be this coming Tuesday at a press event in New York City. Just what this device is we can only assume (HTC Dream)?


Anyone Seeing the Resemblance?

It will be the usual day out at the press release with Google & T-Mobile being there since it was decided that T-Mobile should be the first network to get their hands on the Android based handset.

Old BBC Review in Video

Unfortunately I have no passport or an invite to the press event but I do promise to keep you updated through the wee hours of the UK morning with updates on the 23rd.

As for the hands on treatment I am going to try working my Scottish charm on the guys over at HTC to see what they can offer us in way of a shot of this device. I will be sure to keep you all updated.

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