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The Mobile Tech Addicts Show 230 : MWC 2015

Podcast-Logo_thumb.jpgGareth, Phil and Matt get together for one last chat about Mobile World Congress 2015 before some big changes are employed.

Featuring Gareth, Phil and Matt

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HTC One M9

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Microsoft Lumia 640

Blackphone 2

BlackBerry Leap

Alcatel Hero 2 + Idol 3



Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

Archos Fusion Storage on Tablets


Huawei Watch

Pebble Time Steel

HTC Grip

HTC Vive Headset

LG Watch Urbane LTE

Acer Liquid Leap

Other Shi… stuff

Wireless Charging in Ikea Furniture


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Another pathetic swipe at Chromebooks by Microsoft

Screenshot 2014-02-11 11.24.17

Microsft have put together another advert for their new budget Windows 8 laptop built by Asus.

Honestly, the laptop looks quite nice, however, the content of the add is anything but. Singling out the Chromebook as an online only device, users of the Windows laptop can achieve so much more without an internet connection… like Chat!  The only real factor on display is that Microsoft must really be concerned about the Chromebooks and perhaps lends more substance to the likes of Samsung ending their Windows laptop production run and Dell preferring Windows 7 over 8 as a option.

Lovely to see that Google does not feel the need to retaliate, just let Microsoft embarrass themselves.


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Windows 8.2 could be Windows 9

Windows 8.2 could be Windows 9Many reports are currently circulating about the anticipated update to Windows 8 dubbed ‘Threshold’. It was previously understood that the next version would be Windows 8.2 and many hope that it will include the return of the much demanded start menu.

However, according to this report, it’s likely that the successor to Windows 8.1 will be called Windows 9 and that Microsoft out the next iteration of its client operating system at the Build Conference on 2 to 4 April in San Francisco. It is claimed that Microsoft want to create some distance between Windows 8 and the Start Menu debacle, hence the change to Windows 9 and a seemingly clean slate.

If the report is accurate we could expect to see Windows 9 to start shipping to consumers in early 2015.

More details here.

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Surprises as Microsoft 180 on their Xbox One DRM 180

Killer_Instinct_61114Microsoft may have done a 180 on its 180 regarding the DRM 24 hour check-in. By that, I mean that the console – during a live tournament that was being broadcast on Twitch – seemed to stop in the middle of the game to ensure that those using the console were the proper owners of the content.

FGCNN, where they were watching the stream and claim they noticed that during game users were kicked out and asking them to verify the content by checking in online. Video footage was captured, courtesy of Twitch user NYCFurby. FGCNN contacted Microsoft about the issue before running the story but they say they’ve received no response.

Worse yet it appears that the DRM check-in, as showcased in the video above, completely kicked the users out of the game. Before saving, logging anything or issuing a warning, the check-in just completely exited the user with complete and total disregard to the user activity or the content.

That’s just lovely.

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Windows 8.1 and the Onscreen buttons of Blue

Screenshot 2013-12-14 19.18.17Renowned leakster @evleaks has shared a part of a screenshot from Windows Phone 8.1 on Twitter. The image shows on-screen touch navigation buttons. This the three-button collection of Back, Windows and Search keys very like what you might see on the more recent incarnations of Androids. @evleaks‘ tweet suggests Microsoft is going to remove the need for hardware buttons and diversify the interaction on Windows Phone devices giving OEMs the choice between hardware and virtual buttons.

Can you think of any pro’s and con’s? Hardware buttons have their limits, also they have their merits. Android devices have shown us in the past that hardware buttons can be rejigged to suit a certain hardware manufacturers’ needs and that on screen buttons can sometime be intrusive or unresponsive. However you look at it Microsoft are following suit and with luck it might be a bit of a bonus.

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Microsoft unveils state-of-the-art Cybercrime Center

Microsoft Cybercrime CenterWith security and cybercrime such a hot topic at the moment, Microsoft have today announced that they are to open a brand new Cybercrime Center, called, creatively, Microsoft Cybercrime Center.

It is to be a center of excellence at the forefront of the global fight against rising cybercrime and will feature the best of the best in legal and technical fields which includes an Entity Extraction software.

Microsoft have provided their full press release below.