By December 18, 2013

Surprises as Microsoft 180 on their Xbox One DRM 180

Killer_Instinct_61114Microsoft may have done a 180 on its 180 regarding the DRM 24 hour check-in. By that, I mean that the console – during a live tournament that was being broadcast on Twitch – seemed to stop in the middle of the game to ensure that those using the console were the proper owners of the content.

FGCNN, where they were watching the stream and claim they noticed that during game users were kicked out and asking them to verify the content by checking in online. Video footage was captured, courtesy of Twitch user NYCFurby. FGCNN contacted Microsoft about the issue before running the story but they say they’ve received no response.

Worse yet it appears that the DRM check-in, as showcased in the video above, completely kicked the users out of the game. Before saving, logging anything or issuing a warning, the check-in just completely exited the user with complete and total disregard to the user activity or the content.

That’s just lovely.

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