By April 11, 2009

T-Mobile USA Working on Two Android Devices

T-Mobile USA are working on two Android-based non-smartphone devices, the first being a data-enabled home phone to be followed by a 7-inch touchscreen tablet.  According to documents obtained by the NYT, the two devices will launch early in 2010 and be intended for in home use rather than mobile use.

Details on both devices are very sparse at present. 

The home phone is said to have a recharging dock, together with a separate base station that would handle data synchronization.  It sounds similar to the Verizon Hub or perhaps iriver’s WAVE HOME.

As for the tablet, that’s described as a small laptop without a keyboard, using a 7-inch touchscreen for control.  As well as basic internet access – the NYT suggest checking the weather – it could be used as a touchscreen remote for other devices in the home.  No specific availability details have been revealed, but the home phone is expected to launch in early 2010, with the tablet following “soon after”.

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