By October 2, 2008

T-Mobile G1 – Unboxed Photos

The guys over at TMONEWS have managed to get photos up of a G1 box and it’s contents.

g1-unboxing g1-unboxing-2 g1-unboxing-3 g1-unboxing-4

g1-unboxing-5 g1-unboxing-6 g1-unboxing-7 g1-unboxing-8

g1-unboxing-9 g1-unboxing-10 g1-unboxing-11 g1-unboxing-12

g1-unboxing-13 g1-unboxing-14 

As we can see from the photos the box design has been left simplistic and to be honest rather boring considering HTC are famous now for weird boxes what with the pyramid design and the slide one way pull the other boxes. Understandably this has been a T-Mobile slant on the box and the chances are the the official HTC version will be boxed very differently.

Inside the box, from the pictures, we see that there is the Phone, Wall Charger, Battery, Wired Headset, Data Cable, Carry Pouch and the usual CD’s / Literature.

One thing I will say is not to judge this book by it’s cover as I am sure the device itself will pack a few punches and surprise many of the techy people out there with just some of the things it can do.

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