By July 20, 2009

Samsung SCH-W760 Release in Korea

I’m pretty sure that we don’t have any (if many) visitors from Korea however if you happen to live there or are simply interested in mobile phones then have a look at this.

SCH W760
Samsung SCH-W760

OK so we are all agreed that this isn’t the nicest of handsets or even the cheapest given its form factor  but one thing that does stand out is the unique infrared night vision camera.

I’ve seen on a few sites that this is the world’s first on a mobile phone however I beg to differ given that Sharp also released a mobile phone in the east with an infra red filter. OK it never done so well as the government banned it due to the fact that it would penetrate light clothing causing an x-ray affect but never the less it was released.

Anyway enough of my ranting, the phone itself comes with a 3 MP camera, 2.8″ WQVGA AMOLED screen (we likes), 8GB of internal memory and a DMB (TV) tuner. With a price tag of $457 I can’t see many of these selling and even if they do the government may well go banning again.

Good luck with that Samsung.

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