By September 15, 2009

Samsung i8305 Riedel Spotted?

I’m not sure what to make of this news yet simply because I think it’s still got me in a state of shock.

According to leaked pictures of what could be the recently WiFi certified I8305 Riedel, it looks like Samsung are about to release a Linux powered mobile phone in the UK.

Samsung i8305 1 Samsung i8305 2 
Linux Based Samsung Mobile Phone

LiMo (Linux Mobile) seemed to be a forgotten dream until these pictures were revealed over at Boy Genius Report.

Samsung i8305 3
A Look At The O/S Menu

It could well be the success of the other open source project (namely Android) that has spurred on the LiMo foundation to work with Samsung in releasing this handset or it just could be the fact that it took that long to get it ready. Either way as a Linux user I’m well happy.

Here is what we know about the handset so far:

  • Touchscreen with Haptic Feedback
  • OLED Technology
  • 8mp camera
  • Access to the Vodafone People service

What is Vodafone People? I asked the same question (not being a Vodafone customer myself). Well Vodafone people will feature things like active contacts, location-based services and access to social networks which sounds very much like the MotoBlur service offered on the Android driven Motorola Cliq to me.

It looks like the device is to be announced on the 24th September at a press conference in London.

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