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Rumour – GT-C6620 is the name of Samsung’s next Windows Mobile smartphone

According to the winowsmobileitaly team Samsung are about to release a brand new Windows Mobile based device.

Image from FCC Site

As many of you may remember, a few days ago we were the first in the world to disclose the existence of a new Windows Mobile smartphone manufactured by Samsung. Unfortunately, we are not able to publish any pictures yet, but here are some new details about it that we have been told about by our confidential and exclusive source.

The new smartphone is named the Samsung GT-C6620 and, as the name clearly indicates, it will be the first smartphone to sport Samsung’s new coding for naming its products. Below you can read further information about this smartphone, once more published by us as world exclusive.

The Samsung GT-C6620 is a Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard based phone and therefore it lacks a touchscreen but nevertheless it sports a built-in QWERTY thumb keyboard, a similar form factor to the Samsung i600 Mail’n’Call although it is not to be a real follower of the successful SGH-i600, so that it wouldn’t be correct to dub it a new Samsung Black*ack.
Samsung’s new smartphone also sports a 2 Megapixel camera, a microSD expansion slot, Bluetooth connectivity (but it’s lacking Wi-Fi support) and a special user interface which is completely customized especially for the mobile operator which will be offering it and its Value Added Services.

Among the other remarkable specifications of the GT-C6620, which has just been approved by FCC – Federal Communications Commission, a two-tone casing (in white matched with another high color), confirming once more thatit was designed with the younger generation in mind (yet another remarkable milestone in the WinMo history), UMTS/HSDPA 3G/3.5G connectivity and full support for 3G video calling thanks to the in-built front camera.

According to our source the Samsung GT-C6620 will probably be launched in Italy before the end of 2008 as an exclusive by the new MVNO – Mobile Virtual Network Operator MTV Mobile (powered by TIM – Telecom Italia Mobile) at a price lower than € 200. Unfortunately official images of the C6620 are still lacking but below you can see the back casing’s profile, taken from the FCC documents.

Unfortunately the team were unable to break down the FCC document but with a little PDF knowledge I have been able to do this and show you it in it’s full glory.

Samsung C6620 Samsung C6620 2
Images from FCC Site broken down

Now all I need is for someone to read the lingo on the page and tell us all what it means.

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