By September 19, 2008

Pantech OZ2 / Helio Ocean 2 approved by the FCC

Whilst it’s not siting at the top of the Mobile Phone market Pantech’s new OZ2 has sailed through the FCC’s testing process, sporting Helio branding that suggests this is the much-anticipated Helio Ocean 2. Since Helio was acquired by Virgin Mobile, it’s not unreasonable to expect to see this cell phone hit Virgin Mobile’s lineup shortly.

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You may wonder why I am posting such a low end device well the answer lies in the Dual Slide function which is explained below. I thought this was kind of neat!

The Pantech OZ2 packs a QVGA display and dual-slider form factor, with a numeric keypad sliding out from the bottom and a QWERTY keyboard sliding out from the side. The stats look like:

* 3 megapixel camera

* Dual slider, just like the original

* microSDHC support

* 1GB internal storage

* In-browser Flash support

* 30fps video recording

* Touch-sensitive directional pad

* PC sync capability

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