By January 27, 2010

Nokia X6 – Comes With(out) Music

For those of you that wanted the Nokia X6 but just found it a little bit out of your price range then this post will come (maybe) as great news.

Nokia have now confirmed that they will be releasing a Pink on White, Black on Black and Yellow on White X6 without the “Comes With Music” subscription.

Excluding the fact that it has no “Comes With Music”, the biggest difference from the original X6 is the size of the internal memory. The Original X6 came with 32GB and the new version comes with just 16GB (massive drop).

Original X6 in the Blue on Black Colour Variant

Not to fret over the memory size though as it’s expected there will be a significant price drop when it’s released later this quarter with the WH-500 headphones instead of the WH-701 headphones that came with the original X6.

This new variant of this Nokia favourite will also feature the new Ovi Maps with free drive and walk voice guided navigation as well as the Michelin and Lonely Planet guides.

Matt has already played with the original X6 so why not have a look at the Unboxing Video before making your mind up

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