By October 4, 2010

Microsoft reveals October event is indeed for WP7, and we’ll be there!


Just as we and no doubt all of you expected, the event we are attending in central London on the 11th is indeed going to be the launch of Windows Phone 7. It will coincide with another event over the pond where Steve Ballmer himself will unveil the first crop of retail devices. Our lucky man James has already had a toy with the new operating system, and he’s also going to be at the event on Monday tweeting live. Over in NYC they’re expecting some hands on with the new phones, and I hope we’ll get the same treatment here!

So what can we expect? Starting with the HD7, it looks to be a monster of a phone with a 4.3 inch display, 8GB storage, 1GHz processor and maybe ‘Dolby Mobile Sound’! The second device circulating the interwebs is the HTC Mozart – this is perhaps more mainstream with a 3.7 inch display, an 8MP camera and more or less every extra you can think of, all wrapped in a 11.9mm thick body. Just as important as the devices is the fact that it looks as if all five main UK operators will carry a WP7 device of some sort, with a Phones4U leak suggesting a release of late October!

So with the dates so close, have you started saving the pennies for a Windows Phone?


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