By April 2, 2009

LG GD900 Crystal Details

Today LG unveiled some more details about the LG GD900 Crystal. The unique transparent keypad doubles as a touchpad and the handset will also support multi-touch.

It has also become clear that the keypad is made of glass, rather than plastic which in my view is a big mistake given that the form factor is slide (I wonder how much replacement slides will be).

The LG GD900 Crystal will run on LG’s S-Class UI with a lot of touch related goodies including multi-touch input as well as gesture support. This means that features like the two-finger zoom we saw on the Arena will be available for the Crystal users too.

LG GD900
Oooh Fancy

There will also be some new stuff on the LG Crystal, for example writing an ‘M’ would launch the MP3 player and drawing a circle controls the volume.

We know that the GD900 will have haptic feedback which is a more than welcomed feature and that it will also have handwriting recognition, which isn’t too frequent on phones with capacitive screens but improvement has been done in the web browsing department too which is more than needed.

The GD900 will offer ‘mouse mode’ for a more convenient browsing experience which basically means that you will be able to control a virtual mouse with your touch keypad, much like you would do on a laptop.

The LG GD900 Crystal will hit the European and Asian shelves in May but its pricing is yet unknown.

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