By February 3, 2011

Is this the HTC Desire 2?

desire_hd_2 renderThe original Desire was a massive hit to say the least (and rightly so) and it’s only natural that HTC want to follow it up with a successor. At the moment, this is pure rumour – nothing has been confirmed by HTC yet but evidence is building and it’s MWC in a few weeks time so who knows?

The picture to the right is what have unearthed, and it looks mighty similar to the Desire, except it has lost the trackpad. What has replaced it is a chrome-ringed front-facing camera. The buttons tell us that this will run Android and from what it looks like, the screen is roughly what the Desire was (just right) or very slightly larger.

Engadget have in-the-wild shots of the new device being used in Taipei, which match up perfectly to pocketnow’s render. All we need now is an official unveiling, but for now, take a peek at those pictures after the break.




desire 2 wild 1

desire 2 wild 2

desire 2 wild 3

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