By January 27, 2010

HTC Says Windows Mobile and Android both to stay

HTC’s CEO Peter Chou yesterday said, when delivering the company’s Q4 2009 figures, that even with a 30% year on year sales rise caused by the Nexus One they would be sticking with the Windows Mobile Operating System as part of their portfolio.


“We continue to believe both Windows Mobile and Android offer unique experiences to different consumer segments in their respective ecosystems”

This news came on the same day that we posted news of the HTC Diamond 3 and will I’m sure it will prove to be music to WinMo users ears.


Speaking directly about the partnership with the Google Brand Chou said:

“Our partnership with Google on the Nexus One shows our strength in innovation. It’s very good for our brand”

The data released by HTC shows that they shipped a staggering 11.7 million mobile phones in 2009 without breaking it down by phone or by operating system.


Looking back at the history of HTC and seeing how they have developed from a company who manufactured devices only for other company’s / carriers under the name Hong Kong and Taiwan Computer Corp. into a market leader under the brand name HTC (no abbreviation) and their own mobile’s makes for really interesting reading. Have a look at a profile on the company if you have some time.

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