By June 28, 2010

HTC Hero finally gets 2.1 Update

For all you Hero users still out there waiting for Éclair, your patience is finally being rewarded. Well, that is if yours is SIM-free unlocked. We posted earlier about HTC saying that they will update by the end of June and they seem to have just made it in time. Reports are trickling in of some users seeing an automatic OTA update on their unsubsidised Hero devices, yet there are just as many reports of people with Hero‘s from their carriers who are yet to see this update. HTC have only said so far that Orange and T-Mobile customers should be seeing this update soon and that like all other OTA Android updates, it’s being staggered so you’d better hope you’re nearer the top of the pile. Again, like all other Android updates, this will completely wipe all data off your phone, so backup before hitting that OK button.


Edit: Our good friends over at have sent us some images of the update in action! Click through to catch it from start to finish.





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