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How I use my BlackBerry PlayBook on a daily basis


This article is aimed at those who don’t currently own PlayBook and how I (a seventeen year old college student) uses his PlayBook in a daily situation.

Okay first, I’ll talk about how I use my PlayBook on a day when I’m at college; I’ll admit I use it less on one of these days as a day I don’t go to college. I’ll usually begin the day by checking my emails and Facebook and Twitter mentions all from my PlayBook. I do this with the new PIM Messages application for the emailing side of things. There is an Official Facebook application that I use to check any notifications that I may have received. Blaq is the Twitter application of my choice as it sends push notifications when open and is live and in general just feels and looks like the most Twitter application on the PlayBook.



I then listen to some music from my PlayBook on the bus using the music application. I’ll sometimes add music to my PlayBook before I get on the bus if I have anything I wish to add. To do this, I simply plug it into my computer and drag the files from Zune (my chosen music player on my computer) into the music file on my PlayBook and it’s synchronised. Simples.

Whilst actually at college, I use my PlayBook for a few things; some days I don’t use it at all however. However, on days when I am using it, I listen to music on it from the Music application or on the YouTube application. I have recently started using it for all my Document needs, such as doing research and copying that or writing evaluations of my work. I have done a lot of my college work on my PlayBook as it is nice and small and easy to port around and connect up to a computer to use. So to sum up how I use my PlayBook whilst at college is simply listening to music and doing research and typing up stuff.

Once I get home from college is when the PlayBook usually get used the most. I personally use it to record Vlogs when I get home from college, but that isn’t something an average teenager would do. I have my PlayBook on all the time at home, whether I’m checking Facebook or whatever. However, usually the first thing I do when I get home is check that I’ve not missed any emails from YouTube or from one of the companies that I work for. I write phone reviews and application reviews for two different companies so every now and then I’ll get emails off them requesting whether I’d like to review a certain phone or application. Once I’m done checking my emails, I always have a cheeky look to see if there’s any updates for any of my applications; if there is then download them obviously. I also do the teenagerish thing of checking both Facebook and Twitter and replying accordingly. Once these have been checked I usually spend half an hour checking out my Google Reader feeds on the GeeReader application. I follow very nerdy websites such as CrackBerry and Technobuffalo and Engadget; I like to keep up with all the technology news, what can I say? Once I’ve done this, I tend to check YouTube for views on both my channels and then finally I upload my LazyVlog. Whilst this is happening, I usually have Blaq running to keep up to date on Twitter and so I can receive Twitter updates. This is generally how I spend my time on the PlayBook on an average college day.

On a day off from college it is fairly similar in terms of the apps that I use, however there is less work-based applications such as documents used. However, I write these documents about my PlayBook on my PlayBook 95% of the time as it is very portable and so I can just pick up the article wherever I am. I like the fact that I can do this; I can be on the bus and just start writing, or have some spare time at college and start writing or even in bed at night I can just continue writing. On days off from college I tend to play quite a few games on my PlayBook as well as I like to review as many applications and games as I can. This means checking the App World about six times a day to check the New Arrivals, also I check on for any new noteworthy applications that I may have missed.



This has been a summary on how I use my PlayBook on a daily basis; obviously I don’t do the exact same thing every day and browse different websites each day and spend different amount of times on each application. Post a comment in the FaceBook tab below as to how you use your PlayBook. You can also post questions to me on twitter at @l_harkness.


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