By July 23, 2010

Google halts direct sales of Nexus One, Nexus Two anyone?

The Google Nexus One was launched only 7 months ago but now Google have stopped selling their Nexus One, at least through their own online store. Despite not moving a great number of handsets, they did admit that they didn’t expect huge sales numbers – the Nexus One was supposed to raise Android’s presence and mind share whilst being easily accessible.

Back in May, Google announced that after the last batch of Nexus Ones, that would be it. Now that day has come, and checking in at their store greets you with a message saying that it’s no longer available. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy one via other means though – it’s still available via Vodafone here in the UK, and Google will also be happy to sell you one if you’re a developer. So, are we disappointed? Well, not really as there’s still it’s superbrother, the HTC Desire, and other current and future Android competition like the Samsung Galaxy S and maybe a Nexus Two?

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