By December 4, 2009

Google Android 2.1 Rom with Hidden Secrets?

We all know that HTC kick-started the Android generation way back on the 23rd of September 2008 with the release of the HTC Dream (latterly known as the T-Mobile G1) but did you know that deep within the murky depths of the 2.1 Rom for Android lay the codenames for existing and upcoming HTC Handsets? Probably not I guess is the answer.

It looks like HTC are planning a barrage of Android handsets that are already known to us and a number that are completely new for the 2.1 (Flan) Rom.

The known handsets are:

  • HTC Dream = T-Mobile G1
  • HTC Hero = Hero
  • HTC HeroC = Sprint CDMA Hero
  • HTC DesireC = Verizon Droid Eris
  • HTC Sapphire = Magic or T-Mobile myTouch 3G
  • HTC Memphis which was supposed to go to AT&T but never passed the starting line

Some of the “Brand New” codenames are:

  • Bahamas
  • Bravo
  • Dragon 
  • Espresso
  • Halo
  • HeroCT
  • Huangshan
  • Incredible
  • Legend
  • Liberty 
  • Paradise
  • PassionC
  • Passion
  • Sapphire
  • Supersonic

From what we are lead to believe “Dragon” & “PassionC” are rumoured to be HTC’s 2nd generation handsets set for the Verizon or Sprint network in the holiday period but the part that really sticks out for me is the mention of the non C (CDMA) version of passion which would suggest (based on the past) that there will be a GSM version of this handset.

I’ve always been one for rumours and very few (if any) that I have ever posted here have turned out not to come true so, with names like Supersonic, Incredible & Legend sitting in there and the fact that I’m a self confessed Android Geek I personally cannot wait to see what HTC have lined up.


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