By October 12, 2008

Disney & Sharp to team up again?

On Friday the FCC approved a new Sharp manufactured WCDMA Triband phone codenamed DM003SH which if my guess is correct points it towards the  Disney Mobile brand.

Sharp DM003SH
Sharp DM003SH FCC Image

Disney Mobile has already said no to its US-based MVNO operations, and are now going to try out the Japanese market with time leased already from Japan’s Softbank.

Having announced the DM001SH in Febuary 2008 they decided to keep going and in June 2008 Sharp announced the DM002SH mobile phone which was dubbed as the Cinderella phone, it featured a 2.6 inch internal display with a WQVGA resolution (400×240 pixel), a 0.5 inch external OLED display, 50MB of memory, a 2MP camera, Bluetooth, microSD slot, and a 1Seg Tuner. Both models were available in three colour variants which basically were Crystal, Brown, and Pink

Sharp DM001SH  sharp-dm002sh
Sharp DM001SH & Sharp DM002SH

I can almost say hand on heart that if the DM002SH was ever released in the UK it would sell to our female teen to young lady market like there was no other phone out there.

Judging by the previous two attempts made by Disney and the fact the the FCC details are being restricted just now we can only guess that the new DM003SH will also be a flip styled phone following in a similar style to the 2 predecessors.

So what can I tell you so far about this new phone? Well here is all I know:

  • Triband
  • Bluetooth
  • 3.2 MP Camera
  • 3G

I’m looking forward to seeing more of this phone and will keep you all updated.

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