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Android 2.3 is Gingerbread and Coming soon to Nexus One Soon

android-gingerbreadGingerbread has been rumoured for the longest time but it now seems like it is coming very soon. As a Open Handset Alliance member has confirmed over twitter that Gingerbread will be 2.3 instead of 3.0 and it will be available to developer versions of Nexus One handsets in the next few days.

The tweet translates literally to:

"Prepare your Nexus One (Developer version) for Android OTA update 2.3 (Gingerbread) for the next few days:-D"

This probably means that we will see an officially announcement of Android 2.3 very shortly and it coming to developer versions of the Nexus One soon after. So all you N1 owners, look forward to some Gingerbread coming your way.


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Flash Video Now On iOS


Good news folks! You can now watch flash video on an iOS device! And how I hear you ask, by using a brand new browser called Skyfire. As you can expect, Skyfire does not use Flash exactly, because if they did Steve Jobs would kick its ass straight out the door. The way it does it is quite clever, it converts Flash video to HTML5 on their backend so it can be played on iOS devices. Unfortunatly, Skyfire can’t play flash games.

Skyfire should be available on the App Store on Thursday after a wait of over a month for admission into Apple’s walled garden.

Check the demo video out below.


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Gingerbread is Almost Out of the Oven

thumb_550_gingerbread--google Now we know the latest version of Android  is almost here, and how do I know. Well a giant gingerbread man has just arrived at Google’s headquarters is how. Google still hasn’t said a word about the new version of Android, codenamed Gingerbread, but the rumours floating around the internet are saying that Gingerbread will have better media support, speed improvements and a nicer UI. And I presume the arrival of the gingerbread man suggests that we will probably see an announcement of Android 3.0 within the next couple of weeks.

The giant gingerbread model is taking it’s place alongside the éclair, the cupcake, and cone of frozen yogurt. Check the video of the Gingerbread arriving below.

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HTC Gratia Coming To Europe

htc_gratia_whiteHTC couldn’t take a break after announcing the new Desire’s and all of the WP7 phones. Named the HTC Gratia, the newcomer is the European version of the HTC Aria on the AT&T network in the states. It comes with Android 2.2 with the old version of HTC Sense, not the new one seen on the HTC Desire HD and Desire Z. It also has a 600Mhz processor, a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 640×480, a 5 MP auto-focus camera and it comes in black, white and green.

The HTC Gratia will be available next month throughout europe, but no word yet of carriers or prices.

Read on for more pics and press release.

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Greenpois0n Jailbreak Coming 10/10/10 at 10:10:10

cydia_logo Put it in your calendar people, the greenpois0n jailbreaking solution for iOS 4.1 has been announced to be among us on 10/10/10 at 10:10:10 am GMT. The tweet below by @p0sixninja, the jailbreak should be available when by mid-morning on October 10th. So get ready for greenpois0n so you can have all of the jailbreaking treats, alongside all of the great stuff in iOS 4.1.

Start the countdown ladies and gentlemen.

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Spotify Comes to Windows Mobile, WP7 Version Coming Soon


For all 19 people still using Windows Mobile and want Spotify, your prayers have been answered. As Spotify announced Spotify for Windows Mobile alongside Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology event. Spotify is going to be available for all Windows Mobile phones 6.0 and onwards, and the features are per usual.

You can now:

  • Search, browse and play millions of tracks
  • Stream them over Wi-Fi or 2.5/3G
  • Play your playlists offline
  • On-the-fly sync. So every track you add to a playlist appears on mobile and computer
  • The What’s New tab
  • Wirelessly sync your local files to your phone
  • Starred tracks so you tag all your favorites into a special list

Check out the video below.

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More HD7 Specs Leaked and Caught On Camera

HD7 vs Galaxy S

We had a little break from HD7 leaks, but now they are coming back. As Engadget has received the tip from someone at O2 Germany which fully lifts the lid of the specs of the upcoming HD7 from HTC. Alongside being one of the first phones to be running Windows Phone 7 and having a 4.3″ screen, the tipster confirms a 1GHz processor, 8GB of storage, a 5 megapixel camera with a duel-LED flash, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and a kickstand. Interestingly, one of the leaked documents says “Dolby Mobile Sound,” which if true, will be awesome!

The German O2 guy is also saying that the HD7 will launch in Germany in just two weeks for €559 (about £490). See below for the video and more pictures.

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3 Named Best UK Carrier


Broadband Expert took a survey of over 11,000 people from January to August 2010 of the UK carriers. It turns out that Vodafone has the fastest network with an average download speed of 1.78 Mbps. 3 comes in next with 1.76 Mbps then Orange with 1.46 Mbps, O2 with 1.42 Mbps, and T-Mobile bringing up the rear with 1.07 Mbps. However, when it comes to customer satisfaction, T-Mobile comes in first with a rating of 71%. Then 3 with 69%, Vodafone with 68%, O2 with 65% and in last place Orange with 64%. T-Mobile also gets the fairest pricing award because they don’t charge extra if you go over the download limit, while O2 has the best pay as you go prices. But where it gets good is with coverage. Usually the winner is Vodafone, yet the it turns out it is actually 3.

Which means that because 3 also won the mobile dongle category, 3 has been named as the best overall mobile broadband provider in the by Broadband Expert in the 2010 Mobile Broadband Awards.

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Windows Phone 7 Coming October 21st?

According to Neowin‘s anonymous sources, (we’ve heard that before) Windows Phone 7 will arrive in France Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK on October 21st and that Microsoft is preparing one hell of a marketing plan to go along side an unveiling of WP7 on October 11th in New York. As Microsoft is supposedly going to partner with a “big London based radio station, ” along side huge amounts of TV, Radio and print ads all over the place throughout October to market WP7 to the General Public.

But as with every rumour, be prepared for disappointment. Yet this one does seem to tie into the supposed October launch said by Microsoft. So all we can do now is hope that we will see WP7 hit the market by this time next month.


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T-Mobile Desire Getting Froyo, Finally!

google-android-froyo After over a month since the unlocked Desire gets Froyo, HTC Desire owners on T-Mobile are getting some Froyo goodness starting today.

T-Mobile’s support forum said this:

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