By October 4, 2011

Apple boasts some impressive numbers

apple-logo-2It’s hard to deny that recently Apple have been doing very well in all the markets they compete in, from desktop PCs to music players. At Apple’s keynote today, they showed off some impressive numbers to say the least:

  • 6 million downloads of OS X Lion; Macs are no. 1 selling computers in the US
  • 23% year on year growth in the PC market vs 4% Windows, with almost 60m users
  • 23% of the total PC market share
  • Over 300m iPods sold in the last decade, 45m since June
  • 16 billion song downloads on iTunes!
  • No. 1 selling tablet in world, 95% satisfaction rate, 92% of Fortune 500 companies adopting the iPad
  • 250 million total iOS devices, making iOS the number 1 mobile OS, accounting for 61% of the mobile browser market
  • Half a million apps on the App Store, 140,00 iPad apps, and 18 billion app downloads


Whether you like Apple or not, it’s clear that they are doing extremely well lately. Well done to them.


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