By June 27, 2010

Android gets official BBC iPlayer support (catch: 2.2 and WiFi only)

Official support for the BBC’s popular iPlayer service has been confirmed for Android phones. As mentioned, there is a pretty major catch here – only the ones running the 2.2 Froyo update can gain access, as Flash 10.1 is required. Nearly every Android phone currently on the market has yet to get confirmation of receiving the new update.

The Nexus One is pretty much the only exception right now, although it hasn’t sold in great numbers in the UK – for now, iPlayer is still going to be unavailable for most Android users. Note that this isn’t actually an app – it’s simply an optimised version of the site which uses a custom 400kbps stream and a UI that’s easier to use with a touchscreen. The BBC have said that a relatively powerful phone would be needed, so your mileage may vary on lower-end Android phones, if and when 2.2 comes to your device. For now this shouldn’t be a problem as the Nexus One is certainly a powerful phone.

To catch your missed shows with iPlayer you’d have to be connected via wifi which although limits its use somewhat, it’s still progress, and it shows Android’s being taken more seriously in the mobile space. If you’re one of the lucky ones to own a Nexus One, simply navigate to the iPlayer website and you’ll be redirected to the optimised version; let us know how it goes!


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