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Zephyr from the makers of Ocarina

image From the makers of Ocarina, the iPhone’s first wind instrument comes Zephyr, an app that IS the wind. Like the best-selling Ocarina, Zephyr is a tool for unlimited self-expression.  With this app, users can express thoughts by writing or drawing on a snow covered screen.  Zephyr senses every touch and tilt to supplement each message with a unique wind sound, creating a unique visual and audio story. Gently composed writing might be accompanied by the sound of a lightly blowing breeze.  Quickly drawn designs might generate the sound of blustery winds. More details after the break with  video demo.

Users can release their snow and wind compositions into the atmosphere.  These messages ultimately land in the hands of people across the globe. 

image If a recipient likes a particular message, he or she can express ‘love’ by tapping on a heart icon.  A message that is ‘loved’ will get passed on to another recipient.  So, the most interesting messages will be shared by the most people. It’s sort of a message in a bottle.  Only you can see where your message went.  Over time, it’s possible your message will circumnavigate the globe.

Like other Smule applications, Zephyr is built with the ChucK audio programming language developed by Dr. Ge Wang, Smule’s chief technology officer and co-founder. The Smule team has actually implemented an instrument that is the wind, complete with the aural properties of the wind:  timbre, resonance, and even variance in register and pitch.  You play this instrument by drawing snowy messages on the touch-screen.  You send these messages into the ether, allowing other anonymous people across the globe to hear and see them unfold on their own iPhones.

Zephyr is available now at the App Store for $.99.

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