Twittelator for iPad mini review


It is still early days for the Apple iPad but there are already some nice Twitter applications available and the one I have been using the most is Twittelator. Although I have been using TweetDeck on both my PC and iPod Touch up until recently I decided that it was time for a change when my iPad arrived. After speaking with one or two people that had already used Twittelator my mind was made up and I spent my $4.99 and downloaded.

Paying for a Twitter application is not something I have done before, but now I have the iPad I have become accustomed to forking out a little more money for decent apps. Of course the iPhone/iPod apps still work on the iPad in X2 mode but for the best quality you really need an iPad specific one.

Is Twittelator worth $4.99 and will I be sticking with this application? Read on to find out.


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BlackBerry VM-605 Bluetooth Visor Review

bb visor

This is the second Bluetooth car kit that Orange have kindly sent me to play with and review. Although this particular one is made by RIM and sold as a BlackBerry car kit you do not have to have a BlackBerry to use it. It will work with all Bluetooth enabled phones.

I recently also reviewed the Parrot MiniKit Slim so lets see how this BlackBerry one compares.

Read on to see the verdict.


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Parrot MiniKit Slim Bluetooth Visor Review

Minikit Slim

Those nice folks at Orange have kindly sent me a rather big selection of Bluetooth car kits to try out.  First on my list for testing was the Parrot MinKit Slim which as the name suggests is rather slim. I have used Parrot in car products before and actually owned the predecessor to the ‘Slim’ which was not as slim!

Is this new version any good. Well you will have to read on to find out.

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Sony NAS-Z200DIR review

sony-z200 Let’s not beat around the bush, the Sony NAS-Z200DIR multimedia HiFi is a beast both in terms of performance and sheer size.  Measuring over half a meter in length (535mm to be precise), you’ll want to make space for this piece of audio kit.

Over the years my home audio setup has declined with the introduction of digital media.  Most of my music listening is now done through the PC and apart from a recent purchase of an iPod dock for the kitchen, the only other audio hardware I own is a radio alarm clock by the side of the bed.  So surrounded by tiny audio sources, the Sony NAS-Z200DIR HiFi was like rediscovering music all over again.

Read on for the full review.

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HP Officejet Pro 8000 review

10641-277hpofficejetpro8000600 As I tend to run the office side of the tracyandmatt operation I’m frequently printing documents, postage label etc. and for the past few years we’ve used an HP Colour Laserjet printer for the day-to-day tasks. The issue with that is it can take quite a while to turn on and warm up and the first page out of the printer can take 5 minutes or more. It’s also a beast of a printer sitting here in the office.

Laserjet printers are great for speed and quality but the print cartridges can work out to be quite pricy so when our required two new colour cartridges the other week it was going to be an expensive purchase. However the folks over at have impeccable timing and contacted Matt that very week and offered to send us the HP Officejet Pro 8000 to review.

Having set up the printer and used it now for a few weeks it’s time to tell you what I think of it.

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Nokia N86 Review

n86 Nokia’s handsets have always been popular and as Matt mentioned, this isn’t exactly new, it’s one of those handsets that kinda passed us by originally but is definitely one worth reviewing as the N86 seems to have remained as a quite a popular handset.

Apologies for the length of time it’s taken me to get this review out to you all!


Read on for my take on the Nokia N86 and how it still holds up today.

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Viewsonic VOT120 PC Mini Review

Viewsonic VOT120 PC Mini Viewsonic are probably best known for their monitors and projectors, but they are expanding their range to also include PC’s.

The VOT120 PC Mini is part of this expanding range and is based on the 1.6GHz IntelĀ® Atom N270 processor that we are familiar with seeing in netbooks, which means huge power savings over a more traditional tower system as well as a smaller form factor.

The Mini is indeed very small – about half the size of an internal CD drive – you can sit it on the desk or attach it to the back of the monitor and you wouldn’t really know it was there.

So let’s put this tiny box through its paces …

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LG GW620 Review

GW620-open-angled We have here the first effort from LG at making their handsets as ‘Smartphone like’ as possible as they have incorporated the android 1.5 OS into this handset to try and spice the market up a little. Has this attempt worked?

So should you buy a handset like this which, in terms of hardware, has a pretty decent specification that seems at first to be somewhat let down by an older version of Android being utilised?

Read on for my full review and let’s see what I think of it!

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Trafficmaster Smartnav Review


All smartphone platforms these days have voice guided satellite navigation but the reason I stumbled across Trafficmasters Smartnav is that on the BlackBerry there is not a decent navigation app here in the UK.

Smartnav is different to most other sat nav apps. Not only do you not see an onscreen map whilst driving you can also call a Trafficmaster assistant if you need help. How about that for service! In addition Smartnav will check for problems on your route and re route you if necessary to prevent you from getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Trafficmaster’s Smartnav is the most efficient sat nav and live traffic information service available and is supported by a unique team of Personal Assistants, operating 24/7. It’s already known to save frustrated motorists at least four hours per month from sitting in traffic and always makes sure you are on the right road and the quickest route to get to your destination.

Read on to find out more.

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Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300 Review

sony_pocket_edition_prs_300-400-400 When it comes to eBook readers the Amazon Kindle (and Kindle DX) seems to get all the press but in fact there are several other makes and models of eBook reader to choose from. The Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300 is just one of the smaller and less expensive units on the market and one which I shall be using and reviewing.

The Sony Reader is one of a growing range of eBook readers, a product designed to function as an electronic book reader. The PRS-300 is the baby of Sony’s range, although that doesn’t mean that they have compromised on quality and function. It is a sturdy well-built device that’s also affordable.

Read on to see my thoughts.


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