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BlackBerry VM-605 Bluetooth Visor Review

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This is the second Bluetooth car kit that Orange have kindly sent me to play with and review. Although this particular one is made by RIM and sold as a BlackBerry car kit you do not have to have a BlackBerry to use it. It will work with all Bluetooth enabled phones.

I recently also reviewed the Parrot MiniKit Slim so lets see how this BlackBerry one compares.

Read on to see the verdict.


Device: BlackBerry VM-605 Bluetooth Visor car kit

Price: £68.00

Buy it now from: Orange


BlackBerry VM-605 Specifications:

  • enjoy music from BlackBerry smartphone, without messy wires
  • handsfree calling with zero installation required
  • voice announced Caller ID
  • one touch calling, Voice Activated Dialing through your BlackBerry smartphone
  • turn-by-turn directions heard easily over your stereo speakers
  • convenient charging
  • long battery life
  • compliance with developing handsfree legislation in many regions
  • onboard speaker & microphone
  • visor clip for easy portability
  • 13 hr talk time / 240 hr standby

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The BlackBerry VM-605 visor mount is a nice looking device. Without having any protruding knobs or buttons it is sleek and slim and looks great when mounted on the visor. It certainly doesn’t feel as robust as the Parrot one. It is very plastic and feels like it should be handled with care but so far I have had no problems with it.

Pairing the device with a phone is simple. Once that is done you are good to go. Answering and ending calls with the VM-605 couldn’t be easier as two thirds of the front of the device are actually one big button. So to answer you just press the front of it and it gives a proper click. I also like this feature as it means I can shoot my hand up and answer the phone without even looking at the device. You cant really miss it.

The performance of the VM-605 is truly amazing! The volume is really loud. In fact I had to turn it down from the maximum which is a first for me. The speaker quality is fantastic and so is the microphone. In fact most people I have spoken to on it didn’t even know I was driving. Another bonus with this car kit is its battery. I have used it for a week now and have not removed it from the car to charge! It does come with a car charger supplied so charging can be done in the car if preferred.

bb visor 4

One feature with the BlackBerry VM-605 I really liked was that is has a built in FM transmitter. On one side of the device you have the FM button. A press of this enables the feature and the device automatically scans your car radio FM frequencies for a free one. It then tells you which frequency to choose and you tune in your radio accordingly. Once done you can stream music from your BlackBerry (or other phone) through the car stereo speakers.Very clever. The sound quality is not the best but better than nothing. I like the fact that the car stereo then shows the radio station you are tuned into as being BlackBerry. Snazzy!

If you do use the VM-605 with a BlackBerry you can make use of the voice dialling. Just press the device for a couple of seconds and your BlackBerry will ask you who you would like to phone. Could not be easier. Unlike the Parrot kit I reviewed I could not get the VM-605 to speak the name of the person who was calling but it does speak the number. Not as useful so a slight let down there.



I have to say that the BlackBerry VM-605 is the best Bluetooth car kit I have used so far. It looks fantastic and performance is ten out of ten. I think this one may be staying in my car permanently, unless Orange want it back! If so I will buy one, for sure.

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