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SunnyBAG launches the world’s first hybrid solar panel on Kickstarter – LEAF+

unsagdffpecifiedSunnyBAG, a specialist in developing fashionable solar bags, backpacks and outdoor gear, today launches its latest crowdfunding campaign for the SunnyBAG LEAF+. The world’s first hybrid solar panel, the LEAF+ combines a highly flexible solar panel with two efficient SUNPOWER® panels, meaning it’s able to convert a wider spectrum of light into electricity, even when partially shaded. Producing an output power of 6.2 watts and extremely lightweight, it’s the perfect solution for users who want to charge mobile devices such as smartphones, digital cameras, tablets, mobile gaming consoles and GPS Satellite devices on the go.

Twice the performance at same size

The LEAF+ is the new and improved version of the LEAF which came to market in 2014. The size of the surface solar system remains the same as the first product generation with a diameter of about 10 inches. The LEAF+ has a battery capacity of 4000mAH, meaning when fully charged, it is able to power up two dead iPhones as an example. It comes with both lightning and Micro-USB connectors making it extremely versatile. Weighing just 200-grams, the LEAF+ is also weatherproof, scratch and impact resistant and a useful fastening system allows it to be attached easily to backpacks, bags or tents.


Stefan Ponsold, Founder and CEO SunnyBAG, stated, “The LEAF product range stands for unlimited freedom in all sports and outdoor activities and for independent power supply all around the world. With the new hybrid system, the LEAF+, our ten months of development succeeded in a worldwide innovation. Our customers cheered us on with their consistently positive feedback, and I would like to thank everyone who has purchased and used our products in the past.”

Kickstarter Link:

Pre-launch: Discount available for backers

Before production starts Kickstarter backers have the possibility to get the SunnyBAG LEAF+ from € 69,00 instead of € 129,00. Delivery is planned for Christmas 2016, before the official product launch starts in 2017.

The Kickstarter campaign ends on October 23rd, 2016, 11.59 p.m. (CET).

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ADAM elements announces new iKlips DUO+

160602_iklips-duo-plus-heroAfter two successful Indiegogo campaigns for the earlier products iKlips and iKlips DUO, which raised just over US $560,000, ADAM elements launches its third generation Apple Lightning flash drive iKlips DUO+ with an improved design for thick and waterproof cases.

iKlips DUO+ is the latest version of ADAM elements’ successful iKlips flash storage device for iPhone and iPad. At just one-third the physical size of the DUO, the DUO+ provides the same storage expansion and file transfer functionality for iOS devices, in the smallest, most stylish package available on the market.

Manufacturer ADAM elements now offers the first ever Apple flash drive that also connects to iDevices that are protected by very thick covers and waterproof cases. After identifying this important need of users, the company has spent over a year in R&D to eventually design an unparalleled Lightning connector body. Advanced engineering makes the iKlips DUO+ easy to handle anytime, anywhere.


The DUO+ is a flash storage device and file transfer solution rolled into one, instantly expanding your iPhone or iPad’s available storage by up to 128 GB. It enables you to take your entire HD movie collection with you on flights, record hours of 4K video without running out of memory space, or the ability to do serious video editing on the iPad Pro, and then effortlessly move, copy and share data between your iOS device and your desktop – in the smallest package yet.

160729_DUO+_dissected view.299

The iKlips DUO+ is also fully MFi-certified by Apple as a product made for iPhone and iPad, adhering to strict performance and manufacturing standards.

Complementing the sleek drive is the iKlips app, available for free on the App Store, for contacts, photos, music, and video data management, backup and transfer, and an optional connection to cloud.

160729_DUO+_exploded view.298
iKlips DUO+ is designed to cater for any storage need and personal style. It comes in six gorgeous colours, Royal Orchid, Adam Red, Rebel Onyx, Adam Red, Glowing Amber, Rosy Bronze, and Wild Sapphire, and three storage capacities; 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB, and will be available to purchase on Kickstarter towards the end of September and through the ADAM elements website.

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Sengled announces Snap and Element smart bulbs

snap-3Sengled, a leading manufacturer of innovative smart lighting solutions for the smart home, is announcing the sales launch of Sengled Snap and Sengled Element at the IFA International Consumer Electronics Show. In addition, the smart lighting specialist will be unveiling new designs to complement its LED music lights: The Sengled Cradle Tablelight and Sengled Cradle Floorlight.

Sengled Snap – perfect peace of mind when on holiday


The Sengled Snap combines an energy-efficient LED with a wireless HD camera. This innovative combination lights up the garden, garage or hallway and also provides a feeling of reassurance thanks to its security function. The ultra-wide-angle lens of the HD camera guarantees a wide field of vision. This does mean movements are either observed in real time or the data is optimally stored in the associated cloud where it is then available to be viewed at a later date.

Surveillance zones can be defined and alerts set up using the free app (iOS® or Android™) meaning you can relax and enjoy your holidays with a quick glance at your smartphone. This is all you need to check that everything runs smoothly at home. If visibility is poor, the infrared LEDs which are integrated in the Sengled Snap ensure a clear image.

The security LED also features an integrated microphone which allows noises to be picked up and is therefore also suitable for use as a baby videophone. As a security solution for the modern smart home, the Sengled Snap is also protected against external influences such as water and dirt.




Sengled Element – energy efficiency in action with ZigBee

The Sengled Element combines all the requirements needed for easy management of all the lighting in a smart home. Remotely controllable using the ZigBee standard, the LED lights can be integrated into the WLAN network of the modern home: Simply connect, log in via the app and you have full control of the lighting, from home or when you are on the move via cloud control.

The light can be switched on or off via the light switch, central smart home management or remotely using the app. Within the app it is also possible to adjust the brightness and colour temperature and is very easy to create programmable lighting scenarios which can also be saved. In addition to the control modes, the app also provides a series of energy statistics. This means that you can access an overview of all consumption data and savings at any time. The Sengled Element starter set includes the Sengled Element Hub, which serves as the gateway.


From an LED specialist to a manufacturer of complete system designs

With its expanded range, Sengled is remaining faithful to its concept of developing innovative and smart lighting for the modern household whilst also embracing the latest designs and expanding its range of LEDs to include elegant complete systems. With the Sengled Onion and Sengled Horn lampshades recently having complemented the musical LEDs of the Sengled Pulse and Flex range as ceiling solutions, the company is now presenting two new models. The Cradle Tablelight and the Cradle Floorlight enable the luminaires mentioned above to be used in even more versatile ways and be integrated subtly into any living or working environment. The two new lampshades will also be unveiled for the first time at the IFA show.


Prices and availability

The Sengled Snap as a basic package and including a 90-days free trial version for the cloud (streamed videos from the last 24 hours) will be available from September 2016 for 199.00 EUR. Furthermore, a Sengled Snap Basic Plus package will be available and, depending on the level of the monthly fee, will enable phased access to the streamed videos in the cloud (3.50/month: the last 24 hours of video; 6.50 EUR/month: the last 7 days; 18.50/month: the last 30 days). Just like the Sengled Element, whose recommended retail price is 24.90 EUR. A Sengled Element set, consisting of two Sengled Element Lamps and the Element Hub, will also be available at the same time for an RRP of 89.90 EUR.

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Alcatel POP 4 (10) LTE Tablet Debuts

b278888TCL Communication is proud to announce a new addition to the Alcatel POP 4 series: the Alcatel POP 4 (10) LTE tablet, a lightweight, sturdy and stylish device, with a powerful processor offering ultra-fast 4G LTE connectivity and advanced audio enhancements to create an immersive audio-visual entertainment experience for music and movie lovers.


The new Alcatel POP 4 tablet offers both style and substance, with a sleek profile and premium metallic design details,” says Vittorio Di Mauro, Vice President & General Manager of Smart Connectivity Division. “It doesn’t skimp on performance either, with a powerful chipset and 4G connectivity”.


A Powerful Processor to Enable Super-Fast Connectivity

Network connectivity is essential for the connected generation to enjoy the latest entertainment. Powered by the new generation of LTE processors, the tablet is great for streaming movies in hi-definition, playing the hottest games and enjoying super-fast download speeds.


Immersive Audio-Visual Experience

The POP 4 tablet integrates a gorgeous IPS full lamination display in Full HD. In addition to the wafer-thin display, the company also teamed up with Waves to add MaxxAudio® to optimize the tablet’s audio quality. The dual front speakers by Waves MaxxAudio® deliver the best performance for your multimedia experience in music, movies, gaming and more. “Auto select” technology automatically detects content type or music genres and reacts with the right optimization setup with pro studio-level processors imagined by mastering audio engineers.


Waves is at the forefront of providing innovative intelligent audio technology, which has become an essential feature in gadgets. We are committed to developing advanced audio enhancement tools to make the most out of latest content and devices. With MaxxAudio® on Alcatel POP 4, users are able to enjoy a superior and elevated sonic experience that goes beyond their expectation,” says Jack Joseph Puig, a multi-platinum GRAMMY® Award-winning record producer/mixer and Head of Global Marketing, Waves Consumer Division.


The Alcatel POP 4 tablet is the perfect portable companion for the connected generation to enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience. The device will be available in Europe from October onwards.

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Huawei debuts the Nova, Nova Plus and MediaPad M3 tablet

gsmarena_015Huawei unveiled the Nova and Nova Plus at IFA today alongside a 8.4-inch MediaPad M3 tablet. Rather than throwing all their wares into another couple of devices Huawei have wisely settled the  Nova and Nova Plus in the mid-range arena, offering an 8MP front camera and a 12MP rear shooter (16MP on the Nova Plus) with large 1.25 μm pixel size.


The Nova takes some design flourishes from the Nexus 6P, looking like a little brother. A 5-inch Full HD IPS LCD display covers a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 with 3GB of RAM, 32GB of expandable storage, a 12MP camera, 8MP front facer, USB-C conneciton and a handsome 3025mAh battery. The larger Nova Plus mirrors much of the Nova save for a larger 5.5-inch Full HD display, a 16MP rear camera and even handsomer 3340mAh battery. Huawei’s impressive fingerprint sensors rule the day, and EMUI 4.1 atop of Android 6.0 Marshmallow keeps things moving.


The MediaPad M3 tablet offers generous 8.4-inch display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 powered by the HiSilicon Kirin 950 SoC that we recently saw in the Honor 8, 8MP front and rear cameras, 4GB of RAM and either 32GB or 64GB or storage and a 5100mAh battery. Again EMUI 4.1 covers Android 6.0 Marshmallow.




The Nova will be priced at €399. The Nova Plus sits at €429 and the MediaPad M3 ranges from €349 to €449 depending on storage and LTE options

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Smart lighting for the smart home

c01-a66-pulse-solo-20141113.960_0Sengled, a leading manufacturer of innovative smart lighting solutions for the smart home, is announcing another new product at the IFA International Consumer Electronics Show. The Sengled Everbright combines an energy-efficient LED lamp with an integrated emergency light. In the event of a power outage or defective fuses, the new LED provides up to three and a half hours of light. This is possible thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery which is constantly charged during regular use.

It lights when others fail. The Sengled Everbright comes up trumps when conventional bulbs stop working and only a search for a torch, candles or a lighter can light up the dark. Equipped with an integrated rechargeable battery (capacity: 900 mAh), the innovative bulb will provide light for up to three and a half hours when the power supply has been cut. The Sengled Everbright can help to find the problematic fuse box, serve as a back-up on construction sites or guide you out into a safe open space in an emergency.

The Sengled Everbright is based on a very simple principle: The rechargeable battery is integrated into the housing of the LED light and is charged via a conventional E27 socket. With a regular power supply, the bulb provides light with a brightness of 500 lumens. In the event of a power outage, the Sengled Everbright automatically reduces its brightness to 300 lumens. This enables the lamp to save precious energy and delivers more than three hours of self-sufficient lighting.

The Sengled Everbright is incredibly easy to install and use: The LED is inserted into a standard socket just like a normal light bulb and can be used to replace obsolete light bulbs. The smart bulb can now be operated as usual via the light switch with no need to control it via an app. The LED can also independently distinguish between the power being turned off via the light switch and an actual power outage.

In addition to the extra security and comfort it offers, the Sengled Everbright also enhances users’ energy footprint: It has a lifespan of around 25,000 hours and when compared to a 40-watt light bulb of similar brightness, it consumes just 9 watts of power.

Price and availability

The Sengled Everbright will celebrate its premiere at IFA 2016 and is expected to be commercially available from November 2016. The recommended retail price is 19.90 EUR.

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Archos Drone launches

drone_liftoff.0.0Archos has unveiled the ARCHOS Drone. Demonstrated later this week at IFA 2016, available in October 2016, this ready-to-fly little machine has an altitude of up to 50 meters at a speed that can reach 7.7 m/s during at least 7 minutes, for pure fun or exciting HD footage that isn’t possible any other way. Thanks to its dedicated Controller or the Remote App, available on the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store, the ARCHOS Drone will satisfy beginners willing to gawk at the world’s beauty, for £79.99 (UK).

The ARCHOS Drone is light (135 g) and robust, with its eight propellers (four spares), two landing gears, and four protection guards. It offers great maneuverability and its propellers are even replaceable in case of damages, which is particularly suitable to newbies.

With its 6 axis gyroscope and its accelerometer, it features all functions for a nice flight, inside or outside: take off, landing, altitude hold, 360° flip, speed selection and headless mode. It has a number of automated flying procedures as well as an emergency button in case something goes wrong, making the device less intimidating. In addition, its bunch of LED lights allows night sessions.

The ARCHOS Drone achieves burst speeds of 7.7 m/s horizontally and 1.6 m/s vertically. It reaches its maximum speed in a few seconds and raises an altitude of up to 50 meters very fast.


Its 1 MP built-in camera is a real attraction. It takes all kinds of aerial videos, coming in an HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels that can be stored in its 4 GB’s Micro SD card (included) and, even better, broadcasts in real time on a smartphone.

It flies during a session from 7 to 9 minutes, making it the ideal companion for beginners. Spare batteries will also be available for purchase for the ones who wish to become drones enthusiasts.

The ARCHOS Drone comes with its own Controller, enabling a dedicated WiFi liaison and ensuring a perfectly stable connection. It can also be easily conducted with the ARCHOS Drone Remote app preloaded on a smartphone running Google Android 2.2 and later or Apple iOS 5.1.1 and later.

The ARCHOS Drone will be exhibited on ARCHOS’s booth at IFA 2016 (Hall 25, Booth 206). It will be available for purchase in October 2016 on and through its distribution’s channel worldwide for £79.99 (UK).

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New USB-C and MacBook adapters from ADAM elements

1500xR_RG128_02The new exquisitely designed USB-C flash drive ROMA and the premium USB adapter and cable series CASA, which ADAM elements showcased at CES at the beginning of the year, are now all available. Users of the latest MacBook will be excited to hear that the elegantly designed ROMA has not only got an additional colour to choose from with the all-new rose gold – its capacity has also doubled with the 128 GB model.

With the rapidly growing number of hardware manufacturers including USB-C ports in their new devices there is no further proof needed to safely say that USB-C is a major connector standard of the future. ADAM elements has sensed this trend early and is offering two USB-C series of uniquely designed and high-performance premium accessories, especially targeted at MacBook users.

ROMA – high-speed dual USB-C/USB 3.1 flash drive
ROMA comes with both a USB-C connector and a standard USB-A plug, which can be easily swivelled around. Users can store data from e.g. their latest USB-C-only MacBook and share them with other USB-C devices, such as the Chromebook Pixel or, thanks to the standard USB-A connector, with older USB devices. On both ends, ROMA boasts high-end USB 3.1 transfer speeds of up to 130 MB/s. Besides the already available gold and space grey colour options, ROMA now also sports an all-new rose gold casing. The premium flash drive is available now with capacities of 64 GB or 128 GB as well as three different colour options. It can be ordered directly from the worldwide ADAM Store ( or purchased from selected European retailers. The MSRP are as follows:

ROMA 64 GB: £ 39
ROMA 128 GB: £ 79


CASA – premium adapters for every occasion
The CASA line adds a whole new level of comfort and functionality to MacBooks. USB-A-to-USB-C adapters, for example, allow users to hook up a mouse, keyboard, printer or any other peripheral with a standard USB-A connector. HDMI and VGA adapters for USB-C, on the other hand, are perfect for connecting computer monitors, TVs or projectors. The HDMI adapter even supports audio output and 3840 × 2160 video resolutions – that’s 4K UHD. The 2-metre long USB-C-to-USB-C cable hooks up the MacBook to its power adapter or to any other USB-C devices, such as external hard drives. Even selected smartphones become part of the act, with battery charging and data transfers of up to 480 Mbps. CASA cables come in gold, space grey and an eye-catching flaming red.

The CASA display output adapters and USB-C-to-USB-C cables are available as of now, directly from the worldwide Adam Store ( and selected European retailers.
The MSRP are as follows:

USB-C to VGA adapter       (CASA V01, space grey/gold):                   £ 32.99
USB C to HDMI adapter     (CASA H01, space grey/gold):                  £ 34.99
USB-C to USB-A adapter   (CASA F13, space grey/gold):                   £ 14.99
USB-C to USB-C cable       (CASA B200, space grey/gold/red):         £ 18.99
USB-C to USB-A cable       (CASA M100, space grey/gold/red):         £ 17.99


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ARCHOS 55 Diamond Selfie announced

ARCHOS unveils today its ARCHOS 55 Diamond Selfie. Demonstrated later this week at IFA 2016, available in September 2016, this beautiful glass-to-glass model from the ARCHOS Diamond range offers an elegant casing, a 5.5 inch Full HD and full lamination screen, a selfie camera, a Qualcomm octo-core processor boosted by 4 GB of RAM / 64 GB of internal storage.

The ARCHOS 55 Diamond Selfie features Dragontrail reinforced glass and scratch resistant backside and metal details.

It sports a large 5.5 inch IPS Full HD screen, including the full lamination technology, with a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, providing its users with an extra-large immersion into their favorite multimedia, thanks to true color reproduction and optimum definition.

The ARCHOS 55 Diamond Selfie embeds two cameras: 16 MP with autofocus and LED flash on the back, 8 MP on the front, for great pictures and videos of best memories to have and share with family and friends. Equipped with a screen flash, the 8 MP front camera is the ideal companion for the ones addicted to selfies, even in difficult conditions.

Driven by an octo-core Qualcomm MSM8937 processor, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded up to 128 GB with a microSD card, it gives power to almost any highly demanding application or game available through the Google Play Store.


The ARCHOS 55 Diamond Selfie offers a 4G/LTE connectivity, for super-fast downloads.

It is easily protected thanks to its fingerprint sensor, located on the backside of its casing. Under one second, the power is on and the smartphone is unlocked with one touch, offering an additional piece of security.

The ARCHOS 55 Diamond Selfie packs a 3000 mAh battery, to go through the entire day. It additionally features the Qualcomm Quick Charge technology to refill the battery faster than with conventional charging.

It runs Google Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) in its purest release, with complete access to the Google Play Store and its millions of apps.

Thanks to its gyroscope, the ARCHOS 55 Diamond Selfie can be used with VR glasses, to fly a drone, as well as to hunt Pokemons!

The ARCHOS 55 Diamond Selfie will be exhibited on ARCHOS’s booth at IFA 2016 (Hall 25, Booth 206). It will be available for purchase on and through its distribution’s channel worldwide in September 2016 for £199,90/$199,90.

A Lite version (with 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage) will also be available in October 2016 at a lower price: £169,90/$169,90.

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Philips Monitors present UltraColor, Curves and Pop-up Security

Pop-up cam lifestyle imageMMD, the leading technology company and brand license partner for Philips Monitors, is introducing a series of innovations for business professionals and home users alike at IFA 2016 from 2 to 7 September in Berlin. With UltraColor technology and its wider gamut support, integrated e.g. in the slimmest monitor on the market, the latest 4K 40-inch curved display, displays with webcams that pop up only when needed, as well as the chance to preview forthcoming innovations, the Philips stand in Hall 22 is a deserved part of any tour of the show.

40inch curved

Curved displays – and the largest 4K curved display on the market
Visitors to the Philips stand can experience fantastic focus with the 40-inch Brilliance Curved display, the largest 4K curved display on the market. This 40-inch screen which will be available to purchase in Q4, wraps around the line of vision to create more personal space and better concentration. Since viewers sit close to a desktop display, a curved screen creates a truly immersive working session. Viewing distances from the edges and centre of the screen are equal – so users need to turn their head less to see content at the edges, and can enjoy the best picture quality. The edge-to-edge glass and ultra-narrow border enhance this seamless appearance. Stefan Sommer, Director Marketing & Business Management at MMD, says “The new 40-inch curved display model testifies to our ongoing commitment to bringing advanced display experiences to users’ desks and living spaces. With 4K resolution, this new model offers fantastic clarity and space for multitasking.”

The 40-inch 4K model isn’t the only curved display on show: IFA visitors can also preview the forthcoming X7 Frameless 21:9 Curved display in 34-inch size. This height-adjustable ultra-slim display, with dazzling Quad HD resolution and integrated sound, is due for release later this year.

4 side frameless (C6 series)_side

UltraColor for true-to-life image
Bringing more accurate colour to home apps, where users have often been forced to compromise, the latest UltraColor displays take colour reproduction to new heights. Supporting a wider gamut – 85-95% of the NTSC gamut, depending on the specific model, as opposed to the typical 72% – UltraColor expands on the range of perceptible colours on the screen, creating true-to-life images with richer and more natural greens, reds and blues. With their accurate colour reproduction, UltraColor displays take the guesswork out of online shopping: people can see the true colour of the product before they click “buy”. UltraColor displays also give aspiring video makers, designers and photographers the certainty that their on-screen colours come close to real life. Stefan Sommer explains the background: “Unlike enhancements that work by tweaking software settings in order to adjust colour balance, UltraColor involves changing the actual chemistry in the panel and innovative adjustments to the composition of the colour chips.”

This innovative technology is featured in a number of the displays on show at IFA, including the new E-Line Displays, released this summer, as well as the slimmest monitors on the market – the C7 series, due out in Q4 2016. At IFA, the 24-inch model of the Ultra Slim FHD monitors will be shown. Despite its depth of only 5.2 mm, this model displays 90% of the NTSC gamut, features Flicker-free technology, a wide viewing angle and a frameless bezel design.

272B7QPTKEB_f image

Pop-up webcam makes life tough for camera hackers
Visitors wanting to beef up security in the office should look out for the first Philips display with a pop-up webcam. Thanks to the webcam that only pops up when it is needed, and is otherwise hidden in the display frame, the newly introduced 27-inch display blocks off a potential spyhole for hackers. The display is immediately available in the market.

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