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MoDaCo Summer Event

This weekend saw MoDaCo’s 2006 summer event. The event, held at Orange’s offices in Paddington, was the sixth such event organised by the Smartphone community forum.

This year’s event was certainly one to remember with the hosts Orange and contributors Microsoft pulling out all the stops. Throughout the day there were breakout sessions covering subjects such as programming for mobile devices, mobile gaming and mobile music.

Orange also gave their guests the unique opportunity to get hands on with new and unreleased mobile devices such as the Orange M3100 (HTC Hermes) and the Orange C100. It’s very rare to be allowed to play with unreleased devices!

Im sure that the highlight of the event for many was right at the end when Orange announced that they had a gift for everyone that attended. The gift was a special edition white Orange C600 with the MoDaCo logo printed on the back! Every attendee received a phone.

MoDaCo is a community forum with over 140,000 dedicated members and is the world’s largest Smartphone and Pocket PC mobile device website.


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UKReg – Recomended Domain Registrar

So I created a new website for Lynn JuJitsu Club (A Martial Arts training club in Wisbech and King’s Lynn) I needed to register the domain name. I had a look around the web, there are so many places to register new domains I wasn’t sure where to go.

I remembered using UKReg a few years back so thought I would go back and see what they were offering. I registered my domain for just £2.95 per year, including Free Web Forwarding and Free Email forwarding.

I registered at about 10pm on Friday evening and it was live less than 30 minutes later! Fantastic service!

Check out their website for more info: UKReg


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PSP LOAD Magazine First Issue

The first issue of the new PSP Magazine ‘LOAD’ is HERE

Looks pretty good, check out the review by me also!


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Worm writers captured

Two men, one in Morocco and one in Turkey, have been arrested over the unleashing of a computer worm that affected US firms earlier this month.
Moroccan authorities detained Farid Essebar, 18, while Atilla Ekici, 21, was arrested by Turkish authorities on Thursday, the FBI said.

They are believed to be responsible for the Zotob worm that targeted computers using Microsoft operating systems.

More than 100 firms were affected including CNN and The New York Times.

He said the two men would face prosecution in their native countries with FBI officials providing evidence.

See earlier post about Patching Windows


(Sources: BBC News/Yahoo News)

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A blog every second!

The blog community is continuing to grow at an exceptional rate. According to blog trackers Technorati one new blog site is created every second!

The current number of blogs tracked by Technorati is 14.2m blogs, up from 7.8m in March.

It suggests, on average, the number of blogs is doubling every five months.

Blogs, the homepages of the 21st Century, are free and easy to set up and use. They are popular with people who want to share thoughts online.

They allow for the instant publication of ideas and for interactive conversations, through comments, with friends or strangers.

Technorati is like a search engine that keeps track of what is happening in the blogosphere, the name given to the universe of weblogs.

It relies on people tagging – giving keywords to – their blogs or blog posts so that its search engine can find them.

Thirteen percent of all blogs that Technorati tracks are updated weekly or more, said the report, and 55% of all new bloggers are still posting three months after they started.

I started my blog just three weeks ago and I must admit its becoming something of an addiction. I keep thinking ‘I must blog that’ when ever I see something news worthy. Im blogging an average of two items per day but some days I get a bit carried away and have a blogging frenzy!


(Sources: BBC News and Technorati)

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