By April 17, 2008

Living with the HTC Shift (Part 4)

Part 4 – Travelling with the HTC Shift!

I’m putting the HTC Shift through it’s paces, we’re off to Milan for a few days and unfortunately in this world of flexible working I have to attend a web and audio conference whilst we are away. The thought of lugging my notebook away on hols and all the Italian goodies I’d have to leave behind was a bit annoying (you just can’t guarantee that public machines have the right plugins)…… HTC to the rescue.

Fabulous idea the whole kit an kaboodle including a mini Brother printer fits easily in my hand luggage. There is one word of warning though, due to it’s diminutive size the security staff took some convincing that the shift was actually a notebook, had to do the whole turn it on and show it working thing for the resident security geek. When I did it elicited the usual grunts of approval.

Seems portability is gained at the price of smooth passage through the airport. Anyone else out there had similar experiences with the shift or any other gadgets?

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