By June 26, 2010

HTC running out of AMOLED displays, looks to Sony for more


Since the HTC Desire was released back in April, it has become wildly popular (and rightly so). In fact, demand has been so high that HTC are still struggling to keep up supply. One of the reasons is because they source their beautiful AMOLED displays from Samsung, but for some reason Samsung can’t supply enough. This may simply be that they cannot make them fast enough for HTC, or it could be that they’re understandably hogging them for themselves. Either way it’s bad news for HTC, but now HTC are looking to change this.

Details haven’t been finalised yet, but by the end of the year, HTC are looking to add Sony’s new Super TFT LCD technology to the mix. For now, this is going to be an exclusive tech for HTC, and it’s going to be added to future and existing devices such as the Desire. How they’re going to differentiate AMOLED and SLCD models and is also a mystery, but its apparently just as clear and vibrant, even in daylight – imagine that.


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