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Why is having an at-home office better for working remotely (and why you should keep it after the pandemic is over)

While many of us have been working from home, our improvisation skills have come to the fore. Kitchen tables have become conference rooms, bedrooms have become classrooms, bookcase and shelves have become extra work storage spaces. They have become our designated workspaces for the last year, and overall, according to experts including Andy Defrancesco, it hasn’t seemed all too bad. 

However, those blessed with a spare bedroom or a home office have had things an awful lot easier. The reason for this is the association of a designated area or space to work and that you can close the door to keep distractions out and walk away from it when the working day has ended (more on that in a minute). Use A5 binders to organize your documents. 

Those that have been forced to work in bedrooms and kitchens have found it far harder to focus. They are trying to work in spaces that they have always used for something else. Here are some other reasons why having an at-home office is far better for working remotely, to check if this will also help your line of business, consider the experts opinion from Bob Bratt


Privacy (and peace and quiet)

When working in a kitchen or sitting room, it can be difficult to get some privacy. You have people wandering in and out, banging around, and just generally being a distraction. If you have children, they might even be doing it on purpose to irritate. Having space where you can work by yourself means you can stay focused without interruptions from other people with out depriving you from access to trusted contractors like’s managed social media services who can handle important aspects of your business. 


You’re detached from the rest of the house

Doing this means that you don’t have any distractions or associations with the room other than work. Having a room, you don’t often use or having space you only visit when you work can create your own transition from work to home life. While it may seem odd, this can act as a commute, a time in which your body knows when to relax and when to pay attention. As a result, it can be easier to switch off in the evenings and not overwork yourself.

But why is it important to keep home offices after the pandemic?


It keeps all of the work in one place.

By doing this, you can stay organised without going all over the house looking for your misplaced binder or trying to find the charging lead for one of the laptop computers that you use for work, which means that settling down and working straight away with fewer distractions is easier.

It’s more convenient

It’s an excellent place to store any stationery and office necessities and can be the best place to set up camp if your business decides it’s better working from home. Keeping your home office can also create a good space for the kids to do their homework to help their concentration levels. 

It boosts productivity

If you need a space to sit down and organize something, a home office can be a great way to help hone in your focus. Doing this can help you double down on the task at hand and can tell others in your household that you are busy and not to be disturbed. Take a look around your office. Do you have enough real greenery? If not, one of the best ways to bring your office to life is to add some easy houseplants.

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How to Train Employees on New Tech Quickly

Training employees to use technology comfortably can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. However, with so many companies relying on tech for their growth and development, it is one that you must be prepared to take on.

To start, make sure to give them the correct uniforms for their task, no matter what your industry, safety of employees is always a top concern. This statement is especially true in areas of service where chemicals, fire or other dangerous substances need to be handled. Work uniforms ensure that all persons in any given workspace are identifiable as employees and not customers or outsiders. This is especially important in areas of public safety but also home services from cleaning to pest control. If your workers need to enter homes or interact with the public, the recognition work uniforms provide help create a sense of trust. It provides employees and customers a way to communicate so everyone is comfortable and not at risk.

How do you go about achieving this task in the most efficient manner? Consider getting help from experts like Josh MacDonald. Many small business owners struggle with this aspect of marketing and have neither the time nor knowledge to keep track of their social media accounts. The time to update, post content, respond and then interact with their audiences just isn’t there.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you out with this:

Choose Your Tech Carefully

First of all, when you are setting up your office for the first time or implementing a new payroll system, think carefully about what sort of tech you would like to bring in. Make sure that the tech that you are bringing in is going to be of genuine use to your business and its day-to-day operations. There is no point in spending the time to train your employees in a particular program – only to find that you are going to scrap it very quickly. Otherwise, this will all be wasted time, and you will need to get them up to speed with something else all too quickly. If you are going to integrate salesforce to your business, we recommend you teach your employees salesforce basic terminology so they are better prepared for the integration.

You may also consider investing in different assessment tools from and use them for finding the right employees for your business.

Focus on User Interface

People are much more likely to get on with a user interface that is not too complicated. For this reason, you may decide that VDI solutions are a great addition to your office. Even people who are not all that tech savvy can find themselves being able to use the programs that spell out exactly what they have to do in the clearest possible manner. An easier interface is also going to cut down on the amount of training time required. After all, time is money when it comes to the world of business.

Get Outside Help

If you do not have your own in-house tech team, it may be necessary to bring in assistance from outside to help take care of the problem. When you invest in a new piece of hardware or software, it is often the case that it comes with some training hours already built into the package. If not, an outsourced IT consultation firm can prove to be invaluable in this regard. Improving the IT skills of your employees always seems like it is going to be a sensible investment.

Tailor Training Accordingly

It may not be the case that every single member of staff requires the same type of training. For example, your accountancy team may not need the same training as your marketing team. One of them may be using the new software on a daily basis, while the other may simply need a general overview of what you are offering. Over time, you may be able to implement your own in-house training that develops organically where a designated member of staff takes care of onboarding the new recruits from an agency like the ones at

Getting your employees up to speed on new technology is an invaluable task, as well as one that can provide your organization with a much-needed boost that can help to keep you ahead of your competitors.



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Has Technology Impacted Online Casinos?

There isn’t an industry that hasn’t been impacted by 21st century technology; whether it be retail, customer services, or online casinos. Innovative technology is creating numerous ways for businesses to meet the demands of their customers and our ever changing society.

Online casinos have thrived from all aspects of technology and have consistently sought new ways to expand and develop the services that they provide. From mobile casinos like the ones at Gamblem to the more common desktop alternatives, all aspects of online casinos have seen changes over the past few years. However, how has technology has brought about this rapid change in online casinos?


Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm ever since the anonymous group Satoshi Nakamto founded the platform on which currencies can be digitally mined; subsequently leading to over 1,800 currencies being founded. Whilst some are penniless, those such as Ethereum and Bitcoin have amassed a substantial, yet fluctuating, value can be used as a virtual multicurrency across an array of online platforms, read more about this on hodl stock.

Due to the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, e-wallets have been developed as a means of virtually storing this, thus allowing account holders to freely buy bitcoin and spend their money in places that accept virtual currency. Within the online casino world, this has created new opportunities for players to gamble their crypto and potentially win big.

The increased relevancy of crypto in gambling has also created a safer and more secure transaction process due to the entirety of crypto transactions being encrypted by high security levels provided by e-wallets. Cryptocurrency and whisper protocol promises a safer, more anonymous, and efficient transacting process as it begins to be used on a widespread level across the globe.

Cryptocurrency is undeniably the future of online casinos.


Artificial Intelligence / Virtual Reality

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) has drastically altered the way in which online casinos offer a user friendly gambling experience. AI technology has provided online casinos with the capabilities to effectively manage games and tailor the experience based on the gambler’s preferences. Additionally, artificial intelligence can suggest appropriate bets to place and advise gamblers throughout their play.

Virtual Reality (or VR) can provide a simulated casino hall or live table to immerse players in a realistic gambling scenario comparable to physically playing in a casino. The advancements in this type of innovative technology are presenting various new gameplay options that have allowed online casinos to expand their services and offer games with higher graphic quality and a higher level of interactivity compared to games predating this technology.

Developments in both of these technologies have opened doors for online casinos and developers alike, by rapidly normalising the integration of high end technologies with the hegemony of current level of mobile technology to create the future of gambling. Whilst a lot of this developing technology may not be immediately accessible, in upcoming years both virtual reality and artificial intelligence will fully take the gambling world by storm.



With the developments of mobile phones, tablets, and computers becoming increasingly prevalent within the mainstream, a majority of the population now have access to technology of all forms. Particularly with the convenience of mobile devices, phone owners can use their phones anywhere that holds a stable signal, whether they be commuting, working from home, or out and about. Casinos are also using The best casino software for better accessibility.

This has allowed online casinos and other gambling sites to truly hit the mainstream of consumers and vastly increase the focus on mobile devices, whilst also increasing user retention with an easy to access and user friendly gambling experience tailored to the demands of the consumer, evident when you see how certain sites are using new customer signup bonuses and offers on mobile platforms via push notifications.

In coming years, with more revolutionising technology available to the public, online casinos and gambling apps are going to increase even further in relevancy.





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New Xplora X5 Play smartwatch for kids

Xplora X5 Play smartwatch

Xplora, the popular Norwegian smartwatch company, today announced that the X5 Play smartwatch for kids is now available in the UK. The Xplora X5 Play, based on the Snapdragon Wear platform, is designed for tech savvy children and offers parents’ true peace of mind. It is an ideal first phone for children aged 4-11 and is the only smartwatch for kids with gamification and a step tracker to help drive more physical activity. The Xplora X5 is available in black, blue or pink from the Xplora website now for £159.99 and in the US from the Xplora website for $149.99 

With the X5 Play, children can make and receive calls from up to 50 approved contacts, while parents can  be confident in knowing their child’s location at all times. Kids can take and store up to 1,000 pictures, play games and track their steps to earn prize incentives through the Xplora Goplay platform which encourages children to be more physically active.

Two questions that almost every parent asks themselves are, how can I better communicate with my children, and how can I get them more active,” said Sten Kirkbak, CEO of Xplora. “That is what drove us to create the Xplora smartwatch for kids. Estimates predict more than 100 million smartwatches for children will be shipped in the next two years, so we realized our product and service platform would need to stand out and address these questions. No other smartwatch for kids provides the combination of phone, smartwatch, activity tracker, safety and a Goplay platform with the incentives needed to get kids up and moving.”

Whats New in the X5 Play:

The market for children’s wearables is exploding. Xplora products already have 11% market penetration with children 4-11 in Norway. Now, the X5 Play makes Europe’s most popular smartwatch for kids brand available in the U.K and includes several hardware and software upgrades. The X5 Play includes only those smartwatch features that are appropriate for young children. These features help parents and kids:

  • Stay connected – The X5 Play is the ideal first phone for children. It works everywhere a smartphone works. It keeps parents and kids connected while giving parents complete control over what their child can do and who they can communicate with.
  • Stay safer – The X5 Play uses GPS in combination with GSM and WIFI triangulation to keep parents informed where their children are at all times. Additionally, parents can easily set up safe zones via a Google Maps integration, and they will be alerted when their children enter or leave the safe zones.
  • Stay active – The X5 Play encourages kids to be more active. It includes a step counter, rewards for every 1,000 steps taken, and interactive gamification experiences, including the integration with Doctor Who and Dora and the Lost City of Gold on the Goplay platform.
  • Stay curious – The X5 Play encourages children to explore their environment and record their adventures with a 2MP camera that stores up to a thousand pictures on the device.
  • Stay secure – Xplora and the X5 Play comply with the strictest security and transparency standards in Asia and Europe, including GDPR compliance, to ensure that all the data is well protected from misuse and exploitation. It is also CPRA and CE/FCC compliant.


“Smartwatches for kids is one of the fastest growing segments in the wearables space today,” said Pankaj Kedia, Sr. Director & Global Head, Smart Wearables segment, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We are delighted to be collaborating with Xplora to fuel this growth with innovative products that kids love and parents desire. Our Snapdragon Wear platform, the heart of Xplora’s X5 Play smartwatch, is making it possible to deliver rich, interactive experiences while staying connected with 4G LTE, staying safer with GPS, and delivering extended battery life.”


The X5 Play Gets Kids Moving

Xplora gets kids up and moving. Xplora is more effective than traditional fitness and GPS trackers because it encourages kids to move through fun activities and gamification, in order to build a better balance between screen time and activity.

The Xplora Goplay platform includes popular gamification content launched in collaboration with BBC’s Doctor Who, Sony’s Peter Rabbit 2 and Paramount’s Dora to name but a few. Children earn one coin for every 1000 steps they make and these coins can be used to claim merchandise from these shows and movies. If they achieve a top 10 placement on the weekly leaderboard kids can also receive exclusive prize bundles which could include Bluetooth speakers, action cameras and Amazon gift cards!  All collaborations are specifically designed to keep kids motivated, engaged, and moving.

“Getting kids moving is more important than ever,” said Sten Kirkbak “During the pandemic, kid’s screen time is up 500% and parents need to find new ways to motivate kids to move or replace the activity they would normally get in a physical education class at school. The X5 Play and Goplay is a great way to do so.”

Children who wear Xplora smartwatches and engage with the Goplay platform typically take up to 300% more steps a day than regular users. Each week, Xplora users in Europe walk more than 2.5 billion steps, which is the equivalent of walking around the world five times every day.

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Create your perfect home entertainment room

Staying in is the new going out.  Many of us have ditched the cinema for the small screen, whether we like it or not.  But trying to turn nights and weekends spent indoors, into an experience is difficult to do.  So, perhaps creating your own home entertainment room is the answer?  But how do you make the perfect space for cinematic nights and entertaining evenings in?  Here’s a few ‘must have’ items to consider.


Sound and vision

So, the first thing you’re likely to think about is installing a big screen.  But do you go for a high-end TV screen, or a projector? This will be down to personal choice and budget of course, as well as your technical know-how.  If you’re going for that big-screen experience you may prefer a projector, although you’ll need to make sure your room is big enough and suitably dark.

Don’t forget that sound is a big part of the experience too!  Think about sound bars and home cinema speaker sets for ultimate screenings.

Along with your cinematic set up, you’ll need to think about wiring and power points.  Consider how you route cables and tuck them out of sight.  Work out whether you have sockets in the right locations.  If you’re thinking of wiring a new socket, make sure you budget for an electrician to carry this work out for you.


Are you sitting comfortably?

Your seating is going to be another big consideration for your home entertainment room.  You’ll possibly be thinking of large comfy seating to make screenings a thing of luxury, be it overly large armchairs or sofas.  However, another thing to think about is having tiered seating.  Especially if you’re planning to have lots of family or friends enjoying the space too.  Tiered seating doesn’t have to mean classic cinema seats though, as you can build a platform behind your armchairs or sofa to place another ‘row’ of comfy seating. My top tip for any large room is to also get a sumptuous large rug as they are just fantastic. And if you are having new carpets installed then have a look at this brilliant underlay for carpet tiles to make your entertainment room feel extra cozy.


The right ambience

To create the right ambience, you’ll need to consider the colour scheme and lighting you use in the room.  White walls will make the room seem bright, but that might not be the best for your cinematic experience.  Dark walls and ceilings may make more sense.  Adding dimmable ceiling and wall lights will mean you can control when you want it light enough to see and dark enough for screenings, as well as create that theatrical ambience. And for a clean entertainment room, you can check out these prevention tips from Water Mold Fire Restoration.


Extra entertainment

Finally, you might want to think about adding some extra entertainment into your room, in addition to your big screen.  If it’s a family room, this may be a games or pool table, or if you’re going for a more stylish adult space perhaps a cocktail bar or some retro arcade machines.

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The Evolution of Website Design

The architecture of websites evolves in a similar way to brick and mortar architecture. Both change to reflect the progression of tastes and technology. With the world wide web having been invented over 30 years ago, how quickly has website design really changed?

The most versatile IR website solution is using software solutions to work through automation and implements into existing systems with ease in only a few steps. 

The First Website

The first ever website is radically different to the sites of today, consisting of only text and hyperlinks. It really only served one purpose: to show people what the world wide web was, and how it could be used.    


The only programming language available to the websites of the early 1990s, was HyperText MarkUp Language (HTML) which left little possibility for creative design. Web pages would be made up entirely of text, black writing on a white background, with the addition of blue hyperlinks. The linear format of these pages most closely resembles the world processing programs used today, such as Microsoft word and 501Words.  

Now, WordPress is the go-to platform when it comes to creating websites especially for blogs and ecommerce. The great thing about WordPress is that any problems encountered can easily be solved thanks to an ocean of experts online which you can find by simply typing wordpress expert near me.



The Graphic User Interface became popular in the mid 1990s since the original line command interfaces were regarded as difficult to use. This new interface introduced the use of images and graphic icons. It was at this time that graphic designers began to become involved in website design, which brought about changes such as the use of tables rather than linear structures. The mid 1990s saw the internet move out from the fringes, becoming more widely and popular.


Music, Video and Animations

By the late 1990s a new software programme had been created: this included Flashenabled websites to feature auto-visual elements, as well as increase the potential for user interaction. The vogue for web designers at this time was to create the most visually impressive site possible, one that called for users to interact with it. Although the popularity of Flash was short lived, it altered the way websites were being used and designed. Most notably, the increased and simplified interactions allowed for a more aesthetic focus.


Greater Flexibility

It was not long after the birth of Flash that programmers identified an issue brought about by the increased number of people online, namely, website speed. The problem of loading speed, along with the desire to simplify the process of creating a website, motivated the invention of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The main focus of CSS was to separate content (HTML) with style, which could be coded through the CSS language. This majorly simplified the process of website creation, allowing individuals with little programming knowledge to create their own sites (although the success of these was limited).


Functionality and Flat Design 

The next big breakthrough in website design came in the 2010s, not in the form of a specific programme or language, but a new approach to website design, called Responsive Web Design. This focused on a site’s ability to be used on multiple forms of device, which resulted in the trend of Flat Design.  Flat design prioritized efficiency, with a more minimal, two-dimensional visual appearance. Since content and information remain a priority for internet users, Flat Design has remained a popular choice to this day. A modern website design agency has to know how to incorporate flat design with responsive sites that look good on all devices.


Website design has come a very long way in its relatively short lifetime since the addition of integrated design and management platforms, and with the online world being more popular than ever before, it is not likely to slow down any time soon. For organisations looking to build a website on a budget there are web design companies which offer web designer packages to cover all your needs. It is advantageous given the designer is experienced and knows what gaps to fill when it comes to a complete web presence. Packages can save you quite a bit of money in the long run provided the company has experience in the specific industry. If you’d like to learn more about web design, be sure to check these quality web design uk options. 


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5 Ways to Save Money on Electronics

People love their gadgets, but gadgets cost money. Thankfully, there are tons of options on the market, and plenty of ways that you can save money on electronics. Sometimes, all you have to do is look at alternative vendors to find discounts. In other cases, you’ll have to be a bit more resourceful and use some tricks. Whatever the case may be, there is never a reason to pay full price for electronics. Here are a few ways that you can save money on your next electronics purchase. 

Buy a Previous Model

There’s no reason to buy the latest model of any product when the previous generation still works well. There are exceptions, since maybe an American contract manufacturing company will stop providing support on older models as soon as a new one comes out.

However, in most cases, there will be little variation and you could get some great deals as a result specially nowadays that Manufacturing matters more than ever.


Check Out Coupon Sites

Coupon codes aren’t just for takeaways. You can also find tons of deals on electronics if you know where to look. Samsung routinely offers Samsung discount codes and you can use them on all sorts of products on their site. You can find Samsung discount codes on everything from smartphones and smart plugs, all the way up to wearables.


Don’t Overspend on Cables

Prestige brands will often overcharge you for things like cables, but there’s no reason why you should be spending over £80 on an HDMI cable. You will get the exact same results from a generic brand, and it’ll cost a lot less. You can also find affordable HDMI 2.1 cables online for a few pounds, and they work just as fine as any other cable out there. So, don’t fall for the hype, and try to look for generic options for any accessory whenever you can.


Don’t Buy a Printer Before Checking its Ink Usage

A printer might seem like a bargain at first glance, but you never really know unless you check how much ink it uses. One place where you can check out printer ratings is Consumer Reports. You’ll be able to see exactly how much ink a printer uses, including how much it uses to maintain ink jets during intermittent use. You should also look for printers that use separate colour cartridges as they’re usually more economical. And if you’re going to buy a vinyl stickers printer, you should read some reviews first to know which one is more cost-effective.


Try to Negotiate

If you’re going to be buying from a small store, we suggest that you try haggling down the price. A lot of smaller businesses will leave themselves some wiggle room for that purpose, so take advantage of it. While you’re at it, you should also try to negotiate with your phone or satellite provider if you’ve been with them for a while. A lot of them will be happy to give you a discount if you ask. You could also mention that you’ve been thinking about switching and mention the options you’ve been looking at.



If you follow these few simple tips, you should be able to make some significant savings on electronics. There’s always a way to reduce costs, so make sure that you look at your options and don’t always feel pressured into buying each new device the second it’s released.

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3 Simple Ways Technology Can Help You Measure What Matters In Your Small Business

It is no secret that technology has practically changed the game with how businesses operate. The differences that the technological developments of just the last decade alone have made to how business is done have made for increased efficiency and productivity across an array of industries. As a matter of fact, even business that can help other business with IT support exist as a result. Services like are designed around assisting businesses with the technological aspect of their daily operation, in order to keep said business running smoothly.

While there is no question about the fact that it is pretty much essential for all businesses to take advantage of specific technology like web-based solutions and cloud servers, there are a few more straightforward technological tools that you might not have thought about before. These three simple ways to use technology for your small business can end up making a big difference, Check to find a business tool you want to have.


1. Employee Satisfaction

When it comes to your employees, you know that one of your main goals is to create a positive work environment and shoot for optimal employee satisfaction. You can also talk to experts in the field for small business employment law advice. Doing so will reduce your employee turnover rate and encourage employee loyalty. That being said, employee satisfaction isn’t a guarantee in the workplace, giving your customers an invoice is a way to improve their customer satisfaction there are several invoice template that you can use to create your own.

There might be things going on in your offices that are actually preventing your workers from being completely happy with their environment. Figuring out the things that are inhibiting employee satisfaction at your business can be challenging at times. This is because there are few employees out there who would want to risk upsetting their boss to make a formal complaint about something. Unsatisfied employees can also lead to unsatisfied customers. To stop this from happening, you can seek help at FraserCon because they have the expertise to save you from such an adversary.

You can give your employees the ability to voice their concerns while retaining anonymity by issuing an online employee satisfaction survey. You can use an online service like to generate your own employee satisfaction survey to give you a clearer idea about the things that might be getting in the way of employee satisfaction at your business. 

2. Time Tracking

Among the biggest inhibitors of efficiency in the small business setting is that of wasting time. While you want an environment where your employees can do their jobs without the pressure of continually being watched, the implementation of a time tracking software can significantly aid your workers in seeing exactly where the majority of their time is being spent.

As a manager, you would have the ability to review a report on how time is being spent in your offices so that you can help your employees to reduce the areas of waste. This will allow your workers to use their time more efficiently and overall increase productivity. To learn how to apply this in your business, get a a consultation with Andrew Defrancesco.

3. Social Media

What was once only seen as a tool that allows friends and families to stay connected online, social media has quickly become one of the most useful and cost-effective marketing tools available to small businesses. Not only do those who implement social media marketing allow themselves to directly connect and communicate with members of their target demographic, but it is also possible to create and run targeted ads to accumulate more customers and clients. Because social media is incredibly user friendly, you can have your profile pages up and running in no time. You can also find here that an effective and creative PR management could also be of great help to your growing business.  You can also make use of a Google Ads Grant campaign with the help of a perfect company like the charity Google Ad Grants agency to share stories that will advertise your business and hear your customers’ feedback. 

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7 Tech Tips for New Businesses

Every business needs to consider the best ways to use technology, as this can help a business to succeed in many ways a perfect example of invoice template is one of them. Seeking the advice from a business expert like Andrew Defrancesco on how to utilize the best and latest tech could reduce costs, streamline processes, improve productivity, boost brand reputation, increase the quality of the product/service provided, and much more. Technology can also be a daunting area when it comes to business management as it is always evolving, and the technology can be complicated and expensive. There are a few handy tips for new businesses when it comes to technology, which will help you hit the ground running and find early success.


  1. Stay Current with Tech News

First, you need to make sure that tech becomes an integral part of your professional life, and you need to stay current. According to an article about the latest business ideas, this will allow you to implement the best technology ahead of the curve and could help your business to compete at a higher level. A few of the best ways to stay current with modern tech include:

  • Listening to podcasts
  • Reading blogs
  • Reading magazines
  • Use meadewillis
  • Online communities
  • Speaking with tech-savvy colleagues/loved ones
  • Following key tech figures on social media


  1. Embrace Automation

Many business owners shy away from automation, but it is a type of technology that can streamline the business, improve efficiency, and reduce costs, amongst many other benefits.

You could save money on staffing costs by automating certain areas, but this is a type of technology that can co-exist peacefully with staff because you can automate repetitive tasks, and allows your team to focus on the other aspects of their role. Check more post and information at the MoneyBrighter website.


  1. Use Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the biggest tech trends in recent years, and this is for a good reason. Utilising cloud technology can reduce IT costs, it allows staff easy access to data no matter where they are. It allows you to adopt remote working – this can help you to attract the top talent regardless of where they are and reduce the cost of office space.


  1. Find the Best Remote Working Tools

Following this, you should undoubtedly embrace remote working, whether this is employees occasionally working from home, entirely remote staff and/or outsourcing work to freelancers. This can bring many benefits, but it is also challenging, so you need to have the right remote tools at your disposal so that you can manage the team, allow for collaborative working and keep employees engaged. Videoconferencing software and cloud computing are critical to this. Still, you may also want to look into instant chat software, project management software, and anything else that will help you to manage a remote team. Then if privacy is a concern (in listing your personal address as your business address) then use a virtual office somewhere like Bristol as that way you can use a different address and get all mail forwarded to you.


  1. Get the Latest Cybersecurity Protection

Businesses in every industry must consider cybercrime as this is a substantial global threat, and new businesses are frequently targeted as they are less likely to have protection in place. Training your team on how to stay safe will be essential but you also need to have high-quality cybersecurity products in place, including:

  • Antivirus
  • VPN
  • Firewall
  • Data encryption
  • External backups


  1. Access Control Card Readers

It is not just digital threats that you need to consider, and you will want to find ways to protect the building, staff, customers, inventory, equipment, and anything else of value. One of the best physical security products for a new business is Access control card readers, which lets you to control who can access the building and/or specific rooms of the business. Access control technologies are highly advanced and will provide robust protection.


  1. Find Ways to Use AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has come on a long way and is now being used in all kinds of smart, creative, and innovative ways in all industries. This means that you should educate yourself on how this tech can be used and find ways to implement it in your own business. This is not only to improve the company but also to stay competitive as it will be so widespread in all areas of business in the years to come. Here are a few of the best ways to use AI in business:

  • Chatbots
  • Automate processes
  • Data analysis
  • Improve marketing
  • Predict patterns, behavior, and trends
  • Optimize logistics

Visit to learn how this integration platform can help you on your business.

Another option is to use music streaming services. Learn about what is ASCAP vs BMI to get license and to ensure that you’re paying loyalties and legally playing music in your business.

Hopefully, these tech tips will help a new business to find success early on and overcome common start-up challenges. Tech plays a huge role in the business world, but it can also be a tricky area because it can be so complicated, fast-changing, and daunting.

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The Most Powerful Graphics Chips for Mobile Gaming in 2020

Recent years have seen a huge growth in the smartphone gaming industry. Much of that progress has been down to better graphics capabilities of the top mobiles on the market.

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Advances in graphics chips are resulting in a better gaming experience, and developers are taking advantage of these incremental upgrades to improve their games and provide a more streamlined player experience. Let’s see which are the dominant graphics chips in 2020, simply Deposit on this site and try out the best online games.

The Best Graphics Processing Units 2020

Having an impressive GPU on your phone has become essential for mobile gamers. Here are some of the very best ones currently available. These provide online gamers with everything they need and more. Download the best mod apk games for android and ios devices

Apple Bionic A13

The Apple Bionic A13, found in the iPhone 11, easily outperforms its rivals and Apple’s previous best A12. It also continues to push way ahead of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 found on most Android phones.


The Apple A13 boasts the best sustained performance ever for an Apple chip, its CPU and GPU performance is up to 20 per cent faster and has great battery life thanks to four efficient CPU cores. It has 40 per cent less power consumption compared to the A12 in the iPhone X series.

Adreno 650

The Adreno 650 GPU in the Snapdragon 865 offers a 25 per cent improved performance over its predecessor, the Adreno 640. This extra performance is found thanks to the Adreno 650 having 50 per cent more ALUs. In addition, the pixel shaders clock speed also increased by 50 per cent. It means only the A13 is able to outshine it.

Apple Bionic A12

While the Apple A12 is now outperformed by the A13, it still boasts a better performance than many of its other rivals.


It is an SOC that is on the iPhone Xs and Xr. It has two performance cores and four power efficiency cores and is able to offer 15 per cent better CPU performance and 50 per cent lower power usage that what came before. It’s GPU is apparently 50 per cent faster than the A11.

The most common smartphone GPUs

  • Apple iPhone 7 – PowerVR Series 7XT Plus
  • Apple iPhone 8 – Apple A11 Bionic GPU
  • Apple iPhone X – Apple A11 Bionic GPU
  • Apple iPhone XR – Apple A12 Bionic GPU
  • Apple iPhone XS/XS Max – Apple A12 Bionic GPU
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 – USA and China – ARM Mali-G71 MP20
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 – EMEA – ARM Mali-G72 MP18
  • Google Pixel – Qualcomm Adreno 530
  • Google Pixel XL – Qualcomm Adreno 530
  • Google Pixel 2 – Qualcomm Adreno 540
  • Google Pixel 3 – Qualcomm Adreno 630
  • Sony Xperia XZ Premium – Qualcomm Adreno 540
  • Sony Xperia XZ 2 – Qualcomm Adreno 630
  • LG G6 – Qualcomm Adreno 530
  • LG G7 ThinQ – Qualcomm Adreno 630
  • LG V40 Thin Q – Qualcomm Adreno 630


GPU brands – Explained

Many of the different GPU types seen in the list above are shared across a host of different mobile phone brands. Here we have a quick look at each.

Apple GPUs

Apple continues to design its own GPUs and continues to lead the way globally on performance. In recent years, Apple have only been competing with themselves when looking to boast the fastest processor for phones.


Adreno GPUs are only behind Apple when it comes to their recent performance levels. Gamers often prefer the Qualcomm-designed Snapdragon SOCs on Android devices.

ARM Mali


The most recent Mali GPUs can be said to fall short of both Adreno and Apple. Much of the architecture is licensed to chip manufacturers including Samsung, and Huawei HiSilicon.

Power VR

This GPU brand is owned by Imagination Technologies. They license to the likes of Apple, Samsung, Intel and MediaTek.

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