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EZVIZ RS2 Robot Vacuum and Mop

EZVIZ RS2 Robot VacuumEZVIZ RS2 Robot Vacuum and Mop: The Complete Guide

EZVIZ is a leading global provider of smart home security products. In 2023, they launched their first Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo RS2. The RS2 is a 2-in-1 vacuum and mop that combines multiple robotic technologies, such as the industry-leading auto-mop installation and detachment, automatic self-cleaning and air-drying mop, and advanced mapping.

The RS2 is designed to deliver tailored, automatic cleaning for your whole home. It uses advanced mapping technology to create a floor plan of your home, which it then uses to plan the most efficient cleaning route. The RS2 can also be customised to clean specific areas of your home, or to avoid certain areas.