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NASA Selects Blue Origin to Build Second Lunar Lander

Blue Origin to Build Second Lunar LanderNASA has selected Blue Origin to build a second lunar lander for its Artemis program. The announcement was made on March 2, 2023, by NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

Blue Origin, founded by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, will receive $2.9 billion to build the lander. The company will compete with SpaceX, which was awarded a $2.9 billion contract in 2021 to build the first lunar lander for Artemis.

The Artemis program is NASA’s plan to return humans to the moon by 2025. The first Artemis mission, Artemis I, is scheduled to launch in February 2024. The mission will send an un-crewed Orion spacecraft around the moon and back.

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KOWOLL Kolmower M28E: The World’s First 3D LiDAR SLAM Robotic Lawn Mower

Kowoll Kolmower M28E Robotic Lawn Mower KOWOLL, a leading pioneer in robotic lawnmower technology, has just announced the release of the Kolmower M28E, a robotic lawnmower that is the first in the world to use 3D LiDAR SLAM technology.

3D LiDAR SLAM stands for 3-dimensional Light Detection and Ranging Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. This technology allows the Kolmower M28E to create a detailed map of your lawn, which it uses to navigate and mow efficiently.

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UltiMaker Method XL

UltiMaker Method XLUltimaker, the world’s leading 3D printer manufacturer, has just announced the release of the Method XL, a large-format 3D printer that is designed for industrial-scale production. The Method XL has a build volume of 305 x 305 x 320 mm, which is the largest of any Ultimaker printer. The Method XL also features an actively heated chamber that can be heated up to 100°C, which allows it to print with a wide variety of materials, including ABS, ABS-R, and ABS Carbon Fiber.

The Method XL is a high-performance 3D printer that is capable of producing high-quality parts with excellent dimensional accuracy. It is a good choice for businesses and organizations that need to produce large quantities of 3D printed parts.

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IMOU launches Rex 3D panoramic 360° pan and tilt camera to UK market

IMOU, a prominent provider of smart IoT solutions and services, has announced the launch of its newest product, the Rex 3D. The company’s latest offering is a smart pan and tilt indoor security camera that seamlessly blends technology and beauty. The Rex 3D is equipped with IMOU SENSE™, a proprietary AI algorithm matrix, making it the first of its kind. The camera’s crystal ball appearance, designed to mimic a starry sky, offers consumers a unique and stylish approach to home security. With the Rex 3D, IMOU aims to provide its customers with an unparalleled experience that is both fashionable and functional. The IMOU Rex 3D is available to buy from B&Q and Very for £49.99.

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Lenco launches sustainable Portable DAB+/FM Radio

Lenco launches sustainable Portable DAB+/FM RadioLenco, the Hi-Fi and consumer electronics company famed for its Swiss design and high-quality products, is thrilled to announce the release of its latest product, the Lenco PDR-046GY and PDR-045BK Portable DAB+/FM Radio & Bluetooth Speakers. These stylish and versatile devices, available in silver and black, offer a unique combination of advanced features and exceptional sound quality, providing users with a seamless audio experience. Both speakers are available for  £109.99 at  HMV in silver and black.

The Lenco PDR-046GY/045BK have been designed with modern technology in mind, featuring 2 x 3 Watt (RMS) speakers and Bluetooth® 5.0 connectivity that enables users to enjoy digital sound quality while listening to the radio. This portable DAB+ radio doubles as a Bluetooth® speaker, allowing users to effortlessly stream their favourite music from their smartphones or tablets. Additionally, with an integrated rechargeable lithium battery of 2,000 mAh with up to 7 hours battery life, the PDR-046GY/045BK can accompany users on the go, making it a perfect companion for outdoor activities, travel, or simply enjoying music at home.

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Flexion UTG: The Future of Display Screens

Flexion UTGFlexion UTG, or ultra-thin glass, is a new type of glass that is revolutionizing the display screen industry. It is made from a special type of glass that is thinner and more flexible than traditional glass. This makes it possible to create foldable displays that are both durable and lightweight.

Flexion UTG is made by a process called chemical vapor deposition (CVD). In CVD, a thin layer of material is deposited onto a substrate, such as a piece of glass. The material used to make Flexion UTG is a type of polymer called polyimide. Polyimide is a strong and flexible material that is also resistant to scratches and chemicals.

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OPPO Find N2 Flip

OPPO Find N2 FlipThe OPPO Find N2 Flip is a foldable smartphone that was released in December 2022. It has a 7.1-inch internal display and a 5.4-inch external display. The phone is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. The camera system consists of a 50MP main sensor, a 13MP ultrawide sensor, and a 12MP telephoto sensor. The phone also has a 32MP front-facing camera. The OPPO Find N2 Flip runs ColorOS 13 based on Android 12.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Review

samsung s23 ultraSamsung recently announced its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The phone is packed with impressive features, including a large and high-resolution display, a powerful processor, and a versatile camera system.

Design and Display

The Galaxy S23 Ultra has a sleek and stylish design. The phone is made of metal and glass, and it has a curved display that flows seamlessly into the sides of the phone. The phone is available in three colors: black, white, and green.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra has a large 6.8-inch AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. The display is sharp and vibrant, and it makes for a great viewing experience. The display is also very responsive, and it makes for a smooth and fluid user experience.

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Apple Vision Pro: The Future of Spatial Computing

Apple Vision ProApple has just announced its latest innovation: Vision Pro, a spatial computer that allows users to interact with digital content in a more immersive and natural way. Vision Pro features an ultra-high-resolution display system, an advanced Spatial Audio system, and a powerful new chip called the R1.

The ultra-high-resolution display system packs 23 million pixels across two displays, which is more than a 4K TV for each eye. This allows users to see incredibly sharp and detailed images, even when they are looking at close-up objects. The display system also supports a wide range of colors and contrast levels, which results in a truly immersive and realistic viewing experience.

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Epson’s New Laser Projectors Featuring Extreme Short-Throw and 4K Resolution

Epson, the number-one selling projector brand worldwide, today announced at InfoComm 2023 it will showcase the newest additions to its 3-chip, 3LCD laser projector portfolio and demonstrate a wide range of engaging ways that projectors can transform environments. For the first time in North America, Epson will debut and demonstrate its new PowerLite® L series with 4K Enhancement, its first extreme short-throw with 4K Enhancement, new 4K Crystal Motion technology, new cloud-based projection management software, and more at InfoComm in Orlando, Fla. from June 14-16 in booth #3428.