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Happy new year!

Happy new year to all of our readers, old or new, from all of us on the team! We hope you have a fantastic 2010. We’ve big plans for the site over the next few months so keep your eyes peeled!

Don’t forget that we have a competition running at the moment where you can win the fantastic Motorola Milestone. If you haven’t entered already the please do so by taking a look at the competition post.

I’d also like to thank all members of the T&M team for their contribution to the site throughout 2009 and to all of our sponsors and the PR agencies that we work with. Without them there would be no site!

Enjoy new years day!


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Merry Christmas!

Just a quick message from all of us as I suspect that the vast majority of you will be either unwrapping your presents or else too drunk to be reading this! 🙂

On behalf of the whole team here at I would like to wish all of our readers a very Merry Christmas. Thank you all so much for supporting us throughout the year and contributing to our new forums, things are going quite well over there there at the moment!

For those of you that are not too stuffed with turkey tomorrow, I’m kicking off a brand new competition with a GREAT prize so you may want to make sure that you come back to enter that! Follow us on Twitter if you want to get updates when the competition starts.

Now turn off your computer and go watch re-runs of old films on TV!


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tracyandmatt on Facebook

If you are a user of Facebook we now have a fan page that you may like to join us on?




If like me you spend a lot of time on Facebook the fan page will let you know when we have new news and reviews on and by clicking the links on the fan page it will take you straight to our website.

You can find us on Facebook here.

Join us and tell your mates too!


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New look site and New Forums

Welcome to our new look site! Hopefully you will have noticed the design change that’s taken place over night. had been unchanged in terms of design and layout for a while. This wasn’t because we couldn’t be bothered to change the site but because the behind-the-scenes changes we wanted to make were pretty major!

So there are a few changes that you’ll notice. If you have a look at the top of the page in the navigation area you’ll notice a new tab marked ‘Forum‘. Bit of a giveaway that one but we have indeed added a new forum to the site. There are a few reasons for this addition. One of the major reasons was that some of the blog posts were becoming unmanageable in terms of the number of comments they had attached to them.

So what we have done is linked the blog to the forum. You’ll find that for every blog entry we have there will be a matching forum thread. You can get to the relevant forum thread by clicking through from the comments section at the bottom of the forum post. We’ve populated the forum with all of the blog archives and have also added the old comments as forum replies. We hope this will make the site easier to use and will, of course, allow you to start your own forum threads if we don’t already have a relevant one for you to contribute to.

I’d like to invite you all to register as forum members which is, of course, free.

Over the next week we are going to be running some really excellent competitions and I’m going to be randomly giving away prizes to new forum members so it’s definitely in your interest to sign up! I’ll be announcing the first competition and prize later on today so be sure to keep your eyes on the site, the prize is one that you wont want to miss!

I’d also like to welcome our forum sponsors SuperETrader and thank them for their support of the forum area.


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Budget Gadgets

logoLooking for a little something for your phones, cameras or even portable games consoles? There is a new site offering free shipping to the UK and they have hundreds of bits and pieces for your devices. Check them out at

You can save a extra 5% on certain daily deals here also.

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Planned Maintenance complete


You might have noticed, I certainly didn’t, that the site has been moved to another server. From here on it we should be a little speedier as the oscillating hooslebinder has been recalibrated. Hopefully no one missed out on their full of mobile tech news.

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Looking for a Sony contact!

Ok so this post is a little out of the ordinary, it’s not often that I’ll post such a blatant appeal for help but I’m looking for a Sony contact, either someone inside Sony or else someone that works for one of Sony’s PR agencies. I’m specifically interested in talking to Sony about camcorders so if anyone from Sony is out there reading this or if you know anyone that handles PR for Sony the please do get in touch with me using our feedback form. I would be extremely grateful!


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Planned maintenance upcoming


As the torch passes from Chris to myself Mobiletechaddicts must disappear for a brief moment. This will likely happen tomorrow for a period of X hours and Y minutes. This will give the little people inside the website the opportunity to link the DNS to the negative power coupling of the tachyon dish. Thus the site will be relocated to a different server and everything will be better.

So please be patient and keep the faith. We’ll be back after a short break..

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Looking for writers


With the recent departure of Chris from Mobile Tech Addicts we are looking to recruit a few new writers. If you have some free time and are excited by all things in the mobile world then drop me a line and we can have a chat. If you have a particular platform you are interested in then get in touch.

You can email me at [email protected].

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Server problems!

Well folks, if you are reading this then it means that our webserver is now back up and running again!

Last night something nasty happened to our webserver that resulted in it eating one of its drives, suffice to say that’s a bad thing! 😉

So we’re back up and running on another drive and we’re scheduling a replacement some time next week. For those of you that visited earlier today I apologise for the down-time and for those of you that didn’t visit us already, well never mind! 🙂

Big thanks to Paul for getting us back up and running so promptly.


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