By October 6, 2009

Adobe Flash for iPhone coming soon after all

iPhone users usually say that “there is YouTube client in iPhone so I don’t need Flash” but the reality is that there is plenty of web content available on the Internet in Adobe Flash form…

So will you be able to view Flash-enabled websites in Safari? No, but developers of content in Flash will be able to repackage it as iPhone apps and submit them to app store (some developers in beta program have already managed to get their Flash apps approved by Apple):

Flash tools will be able to build applications for iPhone that can be distributed through Apple’s App Store. A beta version of Flash Professional CS5 with this new capability is planned for release later this year. These aren’t Flash SWF files, they’re native iPhone apps.

To learn more, visit related story from Adobe employee and official Flash for iPhone page.

Commentary: iPhone doesn’t want to come to mountain so mountain is coming to iPhone or rather mountains (plural): developers can write iPhone apps also in .NET technology of Microsoft – thanks to Mono Touch. However Mono Touch is an open source initiative and here Adobe is throwing its own weight to support iPhone indirectly. In other words: millions of Flash apps running now as embedded part of websites will be ported as native iPhone apps soon. Good news for iPhone!

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