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Green Technology to Improve Your Household

gogreen Many people have green aspirations – after all, who wouldn’t want to save the planet. Some people, however, allow worries associated with the potential costs of going green to keep them from realizing their eco-friendly goals. While some green products – like striking smart cars – are expensive, others are highly affordable. Instead of continuing to put off the adoption of green practice, start with something small and affordable, like adding some green technology to your home.

Home Security

You can stay green while keeping your home secure. According to, do-it-yourself home security systems are viable, green options, thanks to new technology. Companies like FrontPoint Security now offer systems that you can order online or via the phone – saving the gas-sucking drive a salesperson would have to make. You can even install these entirely wireless, drilling-free systems yourself. The billing process is even green with paperless statements.

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Xbox at E3 2013

xbox-one-logo-wallpaperThis week starting 10th June is one of the, if not the ultimate week of gaming excitement that gamers across the globe get to enjoy. I’m talking of course about the yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA and this is where we see the latest and greatest announcements from the industry leading companies in gaming.

This year was always going to be one of the best E3’sever simply because we were going to see the biggest console battle between two companies for 8 years ish, the battle is of course between Microsoft and Sony respectively. Both companies have announced their new next generation consoles, the Xbox One and PS4 and to be quite honest before the conferences the talk was all about how Microsoft could ‘redeem themselves’ after the shambles they created after their Xbox One reveal event a couple of weeks previous. To a point I think that Microsoft did redeem themselves by showing some incredible games running in real time on their new console, but the problem regarding the trading in of games and the ‘online check in’ still remains.

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