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Green Technology to Improve Your Household

gogreen Many people have green aspirations – after all, who wouldn’t want to save the planet. Some people, however, allow worries associated with the potential costs of going green to keep them from realizing their eco-friendly goals. While some green products – like striking smart cars – are expensive, others are highly affordable. Instead of continuing to put off the adoption of green practice, start with something small and affordable, like adding some green technology to your home.

Home Security

You can stay green while keeping your home secure. According to, do-it-yourself home security systems are viable, green options, thanks to new technology. Companies like FrontPoint Security now offer systems that you can order online or via the phone – saving the gas-sucking drive a salesperson would have to make. You can even install these entirely wireless, drilling-free systems yourself. The billing process is even green with paperless statements.


Trading your tired TV in for a new one will do more than give you enhanced quality, it may also reduce your energy consumption. Select an Energy Star-rated television when buying your next TV. These TVs are 20 percent more energy efficient than their conventional counterparts. Because they will suck less energy, these TVs will also help reduce your monthly bill, another benefit – and a way to justify the cost of the upgrade.


A well-lit home is more comfortable for relaxing, entertaining and working, but it can also take a toll on your electric bill. The people at Solatube create products to reduce your monthly bill and carbon footprint. More than skylights, Solatubes use advanced optics to harness and amplify natural light. A rooftop dome collects light during the day and sends it through a tube to light your home. With a variety of available fixtures, Solatubes enable you to customize this natural light based on your preferences.


Keeping food fresh and cold requires a lot of energy. If your dinosaur-of-a-fridge appears to be struggling to complete this task, replace it with a modern and efficient option. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, replacing a tired fridge with a new one can save you as much as $150 annually. The GE Profile Series Energy Star refrigerator, for example, uses automatic defrost and through-the-door ice to conserve energy. Visit for more kitchen gadgets.


Thanks to contemporary technology, homeowners no longer have to huddle around the fire in the cold of winter or fan themselves to try to end their ceaseless sweating during the summer months. You also don’t have to make your household-temperature work an energy-eating one. Replace your current thermostat with a programmable one. Using this handy tool, you can set different temperatures for being at home and away. One example is the Nest Thermostat, a smart device that adjusts to your daily routines the more you use it. The Nest Thermostat will automatically shut down if you’re gone, and you can adjust it using your smartphone. The Nest Thermostat retails for $249.

By allowing your home to cool down a bit during your time away from home during the winter months, you can reduce the amount of energy you expand heating an empty house. And, thanks to this thermostat, you can perform this good-for-the-environment deed without inconveniencing yourself with having to come home to a chilled house and wait for it to heat up. For the best heating service or repair in caldwell nj, visit Atlantic Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning.

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