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iOS 6.1.3 update misery

update613 Just a few days ago Apple released an update for its iOS devices taking them to 6.1.3 and many users have been notified of the available update on their devices.

This recent update was intended to fix a security hole that came to light in the previous version of the OS and that could allow someone to bypass the passcode and access the iPhone app and the photos stored upon the device.

Since applying the update to their phones, many users are complaining that the battery life has been dramatically reduced and Apply has, apparently, been inundated with complaints to that effect. There have also been countless tweets also in criticism of this issue.

Furthermore it has since come to light that there is a new bug within iOS 6.1.3 which, although different to the one in previous versions, still allows someone to bypass the passcode and access the iPhone app.

For anyone wishing to Jailbreak their device the most recent update puts a stop to that also.

So, overall, the advice is not to update!!


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Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Collector’s Editions announced

AC4 Black ChestHopefully most of you reading this post will have also read my previous post about Assassin’s Creed Black Flag a couple of weeks ago? If not well shame on you, but I will forgive you because this post is even more awesome than the last!

Firstly Ubisoft have finally announced the editions of their much awaited game for the UK, Ireland and North America (Americaland) and here they are in all of their glory:


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LG Optimus G arrives

lg-optimus-g After something of a delay the LG Optimus G has landed today and is now in stock with the guys over at eXpansys for just £469.99 SIM Free (inc delivery).

EXpansys have the EU version but comes with a UK adapter and valid EU-wide warranty.

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Sony Xperia Z unboxing video

xperia_z There has been a lot of activity surrounding Sony’s latest smartphone, the Sony Xperia Z, with Posters, TV and magazine commercials all over the place. Much is being made of the IP57 water and dust resistant features and this seems to be the main focus of the adverts we’re seeing at the moment.

There is a trend for phones with larger and higher resolution screens and the Xperia Z is perpetuating this with its 5 inch full HD screen. There are only a few other phones on the market at the moment with such high resolution displays, this one crams in 441 pixels per inch.

Design-wise the Xperia Z may be one of those love-it-or-hate-it phones. It has very square and straight sides that starkly contrast what the likes of HTC and Samsung are doing with their more curvy offerings. The Xperia Z certainly puts the slab in to the slab format.


In the video below you can see my looking at the hardware, checking out the OS and performing a quick benchmark. Have a look to find out how well that 1.5Ghz quad-core CPU performs!


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PS Plus April update/with an exclusive offer thrown in

PS-Plus-1024x576You will have hopefully seen my post last week about the March update for the PlayStation network on the whole? Well this is the latest PlayStation plus update for April, and I am almost certain that you guys will love what’s going to be available next month!

There is one amazing thing that I would like to add into this post as it is completely relevant, if you purchase or have purchased a PS plus subscription of 12 months between 20th March and 10th April then you will receive an exclusive 3 extra months absolutely free of charge! So that is a 90 day subscription usually £11.99 for free! This all on top of what is already a brilliant service offering gamers free games every month on both PS3 and PS Vita, I’ve recently bought my year subscription and am already hammering my way through Mass effect 3 which is free in March, just fantastic!

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HTC 8S Review

HTC 8S Review The smartphone marketplace is crowded to say the least, but when Microsoft launched Windows Phone 8 it brought about something different than the rivals already had (iOS, android and blackberry) and although Microsoft partnered with Nokia to create smartphones and exclusive applications for Nokia phones, they decided in their wisdom to make HTC their official brand/launch partner.

And I have one of the devices in question for review, the Windows Phone HTC 8S which is the lower end device that HTC launched alongside its windows phone flagship the 8X.

Want to find out more about this little device and whether it can compete successfully in the marketplace? Well then please do read on, but first please take a look at the HTC 8S unboxing video from Matt.

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Possible Key Lime Pie update for Samsung devices

urlAccording to unconfirmed insider sources, a slew of Samsung devices will be getting the upgrade to Google’s Android 5.0/Key Lime Pie, and several won’t. Google’s next Android 5.0 is expected to launch at Google I/O in May, and Samsung is supposedly already working on a list of devices they plan to upgrade. We will share the list below, but a rumour and could easily be subject to change without notice.

Android 5.0 is expected to come to:

  • GT-I9300 – Samsung Galaxy S III
  • GT-I9305 – Samsung Galaxy S III LTE
  • GT-I9500 – Samsung Galaxy S 4
  • GT-I9505 – Samsung Galaxy S 4 LTE
  • GT-N5100 – Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
  • GT-N5105 – Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE
  • GT-N5110 – Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Wi-Fi
  • GT-N7100 – Samsung Galaxy Note II
  • GT-N7105 – Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE
  • GT-N8000 – Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
  • GT-N8005 – Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE
  • GT-N8010 – Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-Fi

The following devices will likely not get updated past Android 4.2.2

  • GT-I9080 – Samsung Galaxy Grand
  • GT-I9082 – Samsung Galaxy Grand DUOS
  • GT-I8160 – Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
  • GT-I8190 – Samsung Galaxy S III mini
  • GT-I8350 – Samsung Galaxy Beam
  • GT-I8730 – Samsung Galaxy Express
  • GT-I9070 – Samsung Galaxy S Advance
  • GT-I9100 – Samsung Galaxy S II
  • GT-I9105 – Samsung Galaxy S II Plus
  • GT-I9260 – Samsung Galaxy Premier
  • GT-N7000 – Samsung Galaxy Note
  • GT-S6310 – Samsung Galaxy Young
  • GT-S6312 – Samsung Galaxy Young DUOS
  • GT-S6810 – Samsung Galaxy Fame
  • GT-S7710 – Samsung Galaxy X Cover 2

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A couple of devices coming from Asus

asus-logo-with-power-buttonAsus is supposedly working on a couple of intriguing new devices that will hit this summer. The first is an Intel-powered smartphone that supposedly will be using the Atom Z2580 processor, with two cores running at up to 2GHz. This is the same chip that is in the new Lenovo K900 smartphone. This new device is supposed to include a 5 to 5.5 inch display and is likely for emerging markets in China, (although it is possible we will see it elsewhere internationally). The earliest it will launch will be in June.

The second new device from Asus is actually a newly updated and improved Nexus 7 tablet. It is expected to launch in May, which coincides Google I/O happening that month. No real details were given about this new Nexus 7 other than it will have enhanced internals and will probably sell for around a similar price to that we saw the Nexus 7 launch at before. Here’s a quote with the details:

In addition to its entry-level Fonepad, Asustek Computer is set to launch a new smartphone featuring Intel Atom Z2580 processor (Clover Trail+), targeting the mainstream market segment in June at the earliest, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.
The smartphone is expected to adopt a 5- to 5.5-inch display, similar to that of Lenovo’s K900 smartphone, which also uses the Atom Z2580 and will be available in China in April, the sources said.
Meanwhile, Asustek’s second-generation Nexus 7 is expected to appear in May with enhanced specifications and a price of US$249 to challenge its 7- to 8-inch competitors including the Apple iPad mini, the sources added.

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HTC One to make video call from Mount Everest

HTC Ok so I have been bleating on about my HTC One on twitter and facebook a bit lately but I’m not alone in being impressed with the HTC One as eminent British explorer, Daniel Hughes, is taking his HTC One and is setting out to achieve an historic world first this spring. From an amazing 8,848m above sea level, Hughes will attempt to make the very first video call with his HTC One from the top of Mt. Everest. 

At the summit, Daniel plans to speak live to BBC News using his HTC One and the latest mobile satellite technology from Inmarsat, in temperatures as low as -35°C. HTC is one of the lead sponsors for this remarkable expedition.

During his climb, Daniel will also make scaling the world’s tallest mountain an interactive online experience, inviting his followers to share the journey through video, pictures and webchats. 

Daniel is leaving the UK next weekend, beginning his journey from base camp in mid-April. He is expected to reach the summit via the South Col in mid-May.


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Sony announces Xperia SP & Xperia L

10_Xperia_L_Red_Group Sony have just announed two new devices to add to its existing smartphone lineup. The Xperia SP and Xperia L are due to arrive in the second quarter of this year and will bring with them HD, LTE and advanced camera experiences.

Both are also set to bring STAMINA battery modes (as seen on Sony Camcorders) to extend battery life, something that everyone seems to be crying out for at the moment!

Full press release and image below. More as we get it.


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