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BlackBerry starting to advertise PlayBook software version 2.0 in stores

Screen Shot 2012-02-06 at 18.53.13

N4BB have spotted a rather nice banner advert inside a UK retail store tempting customers to check out the new PlayBook software that is due at some point this month.

As well as a slightly different UI,  PlayBook OS 2.0 will finally bring some native PIM apps with email, calendar, contacts and more.

I am certainly excited. Are you?


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White Nokia Lumia 800 available this February


Earlier today we heard about the white Galaxy Nexus that is coming soon. Now it is Nokia’s turn with the Lumia 800. With Windows ® Phone 7.5 software on board, the white Nokia Lumia 800 features head-turning design and the best social and Internet performance, with one-touch social network access, easy grouping of contacts, integrated communication threads and Internet Explorer 9. It features a 3.7-inch AMOLED ClearBlack curved display blending seamlessly into the reduced body design, and a 1.4 GHz processor with hardware acceleration and a graphics processor. The Lumia 800 contains an instant-share camera experience based on leading Carl Zeiss optics, HD video playback, 16GB of internal user memory and free SkyDrive storage for storing images and music.

Lumia smartphones include signature Nokia experiences optimized for Windows Phone, including Nokia Drive, which delivers a full-fledged personal navigation device (PND) with free, turn-by-turn navigation and dedicated in-car-user-interface; and Nokia Music introducing MixRadio*, a free mobile music-streaming application that delivers hundreds of channels of locally-relevant music. Windows Marketplace also gives Lumia users more than 55 000 apps to choose from.

"Since we began selling it late last year, the Nokia Lumia 800 has received rave reviews around the world," said Ilari Nurmi, Vice President of Product Marketing, Nokia. "Now in white, the Lumia 800 brings with it an even more premium look and feel with its gloss finish, but packed with power and performance underneath its sleek body."

More information about the Nokia Lumia 800 can be found at


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The white Galaxy Nexus will be available on Feb 13th


Samsung has today confirmed the availability of a white variant of the Galaxy Nexus in the UK. The first Smartphone to feature Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the Galaxy Nexus White can be bought in a range of stores across the country from 13th February.

Simon Stanford, UK & IRE Telecommunications & Networks Division said: “After much speculation, we are pleased to announce the availability of the Galaxy Nexus White which follows the great reception the phone has received since it was launched back in November. One of the things we at Samsung pride ourselves on is the choice we offer customers, and we’ve enjoyed huge success to date by introducing white variants of our most popular models to our product portfolio.”

The Galaxy Nexus White offers customers all the features found in the original Galaxy Nexus, from the 4.65” HD Super AMOLED display which boasts a market-leading resolution of 720p (1280×720), to the 5 megapixel camera and super-fast 1.2GHz dual core processor and HSPA+ connectivity so owners can connect to and browse the internet quickly and easily when they’re out and about.

As the first  Smartphone to run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the Galaxy Nexus White offers customers an entirely new look and feel, including a redesigned user interface with improved multi-tasking, notifications, Wi-Fi hotspot, NFC support and a full web browsing experience. In addition to a rounded slim design, the Galaxy Nexus White also introduces new innovations such as ‘Face Unlock’, which uses facial recognition to unlock the phone. Whilst integration with Google+T means owners can easily stay in touch with friends and family and talk over Google+ Messenger.


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T-Mobile UK accessory website lists unannounced BlackBerry Curve 9320!

9320 spec

We mentioned this device just a week or so ago however it seems that a reader spotted an accessory page for the BlackBerry Curve 9320 on T-Mobiles website. The page has since been removed but as I said last week this is looking good for a low cost BlackBerry Curve to keep the youngsters happy.

Clearly RIM has not announced this future Curve however it would appear that we are more now more likely to see it here in the UK.

This makes me happy too!

You can see the accessory screen shot below:

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Apps Crashing? Apparently you’re not alone


According to app data reporter/monitor Crittercism iOS crashes more apps than Android. They carried out a study in November and the first two weeks of December 2011 recording over 200 million app launches and recorded the crash data.
Now whilst the overwhelming majority where iOS launches the percentage of crashes per app were higher for iOS than Android.

One important thing to note is that the data shows different versions of both software’s and the one common thing they share is that it would appear newer version suffer more crashes in the first few weeks of launch, this would seem to point that developers are slower to update apps to work effectively with new software versions. Interesting though as they also pointed out not only could some be compatibility but some are hardware related but also dropped connections and Wi-Fi issues.

They do expect a similar pattern to occur in the first few months of Ice Cream Sandwich becoming more widespread just as the crash reports looked at iOS 5.0 and 5.1.

Do you suffer from app crashes on a regular basis?


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