By February 6, 2012

Apps Crashing? Apparently you’re not alone


According to app data reporter/monitor Crittercism iOS crashes more apps than Android. They carried out a study in November and the first two weeks of December 2011 recording over 200 million app launches and recorded the crash data.
Now whilst the overwhelming majority where iOS launches the percentage of crashes per app were higher for iOS than Android.

One important thing to note is that the data shows different versions of both software’s and the one common thing they share is that it would appear newer version suffer more crashes in the first few weeks of launch, this would seem to point that developers are slower to update apps to work effectively with new software versions. Interesting though as they also pointed out not only could some be compatibility but some are hardware related but also dropped connections and Wi-Fi issues.

They do expect a similar pattern to occur in the first few months of Ice Cream Sandwich becoming more widespread just as the crash reports looked at iOS 5.0 and 5.1.

Do you suffer from app crashes on a regular basis?


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