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Tizen to replace Bada for Samsung?


The word on the street is that Samsung are going to replace their mid range devices with the Tizen OS and not Bada as they currently do.

What on earth is Tizen you may ask. Well, to cut a long story short Tizen is an open source Linux based operating system integrating MeeGo, the Nokia rejected OS.

Samsung have said that the current Bada devices, which have been around since 2010, will be backwards compatible with Tizen and they will produce at least two new Tizen handsets this year.

Let’s see if they show anything off at MWC next month.


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BlackBerry Bold 9790 now in stock sim free at Clove

BlackBerry-Bold-9790 front

If you are looking for a new BlackBerry then the Bold 9790 could well be the one you are looking for. Today you can pick it up sim free from Clove for £342.00.

Features of BlackBerry Bold 9790:
  • 1GHz Processor
  • BlackBerry 7OS
  • 35-key backlit QWERTY keyboard
  • NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • 768MB RAM
  • 8GB Internal Storage
  • 5MP Camera
  • MicroSD slot (up to 32GB)
  • 3.5mm headphone jack

I can say from experience that the device is a beauty. Our full review of the Bold 9790 will online in the next couple of days.


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BlackBerry Curve 9380 review

BlackBerry Curve 9380 reviewThe Curve brand has been hugely successful for RIM, especially the 8520 mega-hit; these were the first BlackBerries that appealed to the masses on a budget, allowing the everyman a taste of BBM and the famed BlackBerry keyboard. Alongside the Curve 9360, this is RIM’s take on a modern budget smartphone. As you’ve probably noticed, the 9380 doesn’t have a keyboard, perhaps the biggest BlackBerry selling point. That doesn’t spell doom for RIM though, as full touch phones are obviously the way the market is heading. RIM are no strangers to full touch phones, and the ones preceding, such as the Storm, haven’t been popular to say the least.

But now with the arrival of BlackBerry OS 7 and its user friendly tweaks on this budget touchscreen phone with the Curve branding behind it, could the Curve 9380 be the first touchscreen-only hit for RIM? Check out the full review for the verdict!

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LG and the Google Nexus TV?

i4j79xIwiPgYLG has been really stepped up their game on OLED technology. Apparently, Google sees some potential here. A new report from Bloomberg suggests that Google and LG are in talks to potentially partner up on a Nexus-style TV. Basically they are considering developing a Google TV-powered HDTV together in order to compete directly with Apple if Apple does indeed come out with some type of Apple TV. This would also be a boon for Google’s fledgling Google TV efforts, as it would provide a Nexus-style Google branded piece of hardware that consumers could identify with, like the Nexus phones for Android.

In fact, LG just showcased a brand new OLED 55-Inch TV at CES recently that features some Google software powering it. This is something to watch out for!

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My most used apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook – Video


With the cost of the BlackBerry PlayBook dropping dramatically recently and with version 2.0 of the tablet OS arriving next month PlayBook sales could well be on the up.

I thought it may be worth showing you which apps and features I tend to use most on the PlayBook. We all use our Tablets differently and have different preferences but with web browsing and social networking being top of most peoples list you can see how I use the BlackBerry PlayBook to get my social fix.

Gaming too is fantastic on the PlayBook. With many big well known companies, such as Gameloft, now supporting the PlayBook you can expect to find some familiar titles within App World.

You can see the video below:


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Xoom Ice Cream Sandwich emerging

ics-on-xoom-for-testersNow, here is some exciting news for Xoom owners… Motorola has begun pushing a new update out to the Xoom for users in the soaktest, and it isn’t just a series of bug fixes and feature improvements like a typical update. This is the full on Android 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich update! Soon, these lucky folks will be running with the latest and greatest from Google, and then, barring any big issues, they will be sending it out OTA for everyone else too! It won’t be long now!

Source: XoomForums via AndroidPolice

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Black Sony Xperia S available to pre order from Clove


The guys at Clove have just given us a shout to let us know that the Black version of the Sony Xperia S is ready for pre order. Stock is due the week commencing March 5th and the device will be priced at £467.99 sim free. The white variant will initially be an exclusive to Phones 4U.

Click here to register your interest at Clove. The also have a selection of Smart accessories for the device.

Features of Sony Xperia S
  • 4.3" Reality Display with HD Resolution (1280 x 720)
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread (4.0 ICS Upgrade Q2 2012)
  • 1.5GHz dual-core processor & 1GB RAM
  • 32GB Internal Storage
  • 12MP Camera with Sony Exmore R
  • NFC for use with Xperia Smart Tags
  • DLNA, Wi-FI, Bluetooth and HDMI connectivity
  • Compatible with Smart Watch and Smart Wireless Headset
  • GPS GLONASS for navigation


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New Mediapad from Huawei

threes-mediapadsAccording to their press release, Huawei is sticking to a fast Android OS upgrade special for their MediaPad Android tablets. They indicate that starting toward the end of the first quarter all new MediaPads will come pre-loaded with Ice Cream Sandwich, and all older ones will receive the ICS update not long after that, still during the first quarter. They also added that their new line of MediaPad tablets will add shadow black, classic brown, and passion pink to their current colour scheme. Here’s the full press release below:


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A Gaming tablet for the extremists

ScreenClipRazer have shown off a concept at CES that will easily excite a few PC gaming fanatics out there. Call Project Fiona, this is the first gaming tablet. Despite the fact that Project Fiona is a concept, Razer does plan to release the product. Reports suggest that it is targeting a Q4 2012 launch, priced under $1,000 (£650). Razer said that other gaming tablets are suitable for casual titles, but the limited navigation and control capabilities make them "impossible for hardcore PC gaming".

"Adapted from a full featured PC gamepad, Project Fiona’s integrated dual controllers coupled with its advanced multi-touch screen are designed to make complex game navigation ergonomic and intuitive without compromising on the portability of the tablet," said the firm on its website.

"You’ll be able to carry out headshots and command troops in-game with ease. This first-of-its-kind PC gaming tablet with integrated dual controllers is definitely not for playing casual games about unhappy birds or zombie-killing flora."

Check out the videos below:

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Cut The Rope HD available for BlackBerry PlayBook – Video

Cut the rope

This game has been huge on the iPhone (it even won a BAFTA!) and we are now lucky enough to get it for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Cut The Rope is one of those addictive games that sucks you in, a bit like Angry Birds. This one requires a little more mental agility though. Maybe that is why I am not very good at it!

The little monster Om Nom is hungry and the only thing standing between him and a full belly is you – that is your help cutting the ropes that hold the candy he wants.

If you own the BlackBerry PlayBook then I think this app is a must. Perfect for those commutes to work or playing in bed. I must warn you though that a quick game may turn out to be not so quick!

You can see a brief demo video below.

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