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Best Buy to close stores in the UK


Carphone Warehouse has confirmed plans to close its eleven Best Buy stores here in the UK due to a lack of profit. Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy initially planned to open 200 Best Buy stores across the UK and continental Europe. Sadly that will not now happen.

Carphone Warehouse said the focus would now be on selling more electronics goods from Best Buy Europe’s 805 Carphone Warehouse stores in the UK, and 1,648 Phone House shops in continental Europe.

“Best Buy believes that there is a significant untapped opportunity as connections migrate from phones to other connectable devices such as tablets, laptops, TVs and eReaders. This transaction will enable Best Buy Mobile to accelerate the deployment of operational and connectivity expertise to these devices and for Best Buy to fully capture the profit potential of these opportunities” Best Buy


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HTC Sync for Mac OSX


I found this article over on The Smartphone Centre blog and it looks pretty interesting for all you HTC Android owners.

HTC Sync has always, up until now, been a PC only application. However that could be about to change. Pre-loaded on the brand new HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio is a version of HTC Sync especially for Mac OSX.

The file, ‘HTC Sync of MacOS-3.0.mpkg’ can be found once you mount your HTC Sensation XL. Simply double-click to install HTC Sync to your MAC. Once installed, a new icon will be added to your menu bar, click this and select ‘Open’. This will load the main interface window. The first time you launch this, your device will be identified. Simply click ‘Save’ to continue. From the main window you will be able to install applications as well as rename your device. The ‘Music’ tab will allow you to sync all of your music found within iTunes. You can also select which Play Lists you wish to sync. The ‘Gallery’ tab will allow you to sync specific folders from your Mac. The ‘Calendar’ tab will allow you to sync your iCal calendars and of course, the ‘People’ tab will allow you to sync with your Macs Address Book. Using the ‘Bookmarks’ tab, you will be able to sync you Safari, Chrome and FireFox bookmarks. And finally the ‘Documents’ tab will allow you to sync and chosen folder.

Whilst there is no official download available form HTC for this version of HTC Sync, we expect HTC to roll this out across all Android devices.


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Motorola Defy+ Review

Motorola Defy+ ReviewThe Motorola Defy returns with a with a + stuck on the end but that is not the only new thing about it as it now features Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the brand new version of Motoblur and a 1 GHz Ti OMAP processor yet it is still comes to IP67 standards: the benchmark of all phones that claim to be tough.

The “tough phone” market may be a small one but for those who need a phone that they can “accidentally” drop into a cup of tea, use in a sandstorm or survive when it falls out of your pocket along with having all of the expected traits of a smartphone, the Defy+ might be perfect.

So is this a worthy successor to the Defy? Are the improvements good enough to make you want upgrade? Or would you just wish it wasn’t water-resistant so you could break it? Read on to find out!


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